KAN-therm: Changes in the System KAN-therm PP Green offer


Changes in the System KAN-therm PP Green offer

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the new catalog System KAN-therm PP Green.
In it you will learn, among others, about the new range of diameters 20-200mm !!!
Other major changes:
  • Diameters range of SDR11 (PN10) homogenous pipes: 20-110 mm.
  • New PP-RCT compound pipes in diameters: 125, 160, 200 mm (PP-RCT - beta type random polypropylene copolymer) which are marked as Polypropylene Type 4 .
  • Two new types of welding – butt welding (125-200 mm) and electrofusion welding (20-200 mm).
  • New electro-fusion sockets PP-RCT (20-200 mm).
  • New (electric) butt-welding machine (125-200 mm), electrofusion welding machine (20-200 mm).

For more information on the System KAN-therm PP Green, please go to the link: