KAN-therm: New Year with KAN-therm
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New Year with KAN-therm


KAN-therm doesn’t only mean heating and cooling systems, quality, pipes and fittings. KAN-therm also means over 800 people working all around the world so that you can enjoy innovative solutions at home. Check how our employees celebrate New Year all around the world to make sure it will be full of joy and prosperity.

This time of year we tend to analyze previous months and plan for the better future. During New Year’s Eve people all over the year use different tricks to ensure good fortune in the days to come. Some of them are pretty common, like drinking champagne or meeting with your loved ones, but other are quite extraordinary…

Don’t be surprised to see the Swiss dropping ice cream or whipped cream on the floor. It symbolizes the richness of the year to come. Other rituals for good luck may involve wearing colored underwear (in South America), throwing spare coins into the river (in Romania) or jumping into frozen lakes themselves, carrying tree trunks (in Siberia). In Brasil to appease goddess lemanja they light some candles and throw flowers toward the sea. All that to stay well and sound :)

KAN-therm is present also in Asia where e.g. Thais throw buckets of water at each other or Chinese use the noise of fireworks to scare off the evil. In India each region has its unique style of celebration, tradition and reason of celebration. And for sure if you want to witness the most spectacular, dazzling fireworks show, choose Dubai in the Middle East. 

New Year’s Eve means good company and good food. What should you eat? According to the Filipinos – only round food. It resambles coins so it is supposed to attract wealth. The French also choose round shape, but in a form of the stack of pancakes. When the clock strikes midnight Spanish start eating 12 grapes to grant themselves 12 months of good luck. In Estonia it is not that much about what you eat but rather – how often. On that special day they eat seven, nine or twelve times to ensure abundance in the upcoming year.

Traditionally, to tell the future Germans read the molten lead. They heat up some of it in a spoon. When it's melted, one pours it into cold water. The shape of the lead is open to interpretation. Nowadays, you can even use an app that virtually do that for you! Simmilar in Finland. To predict the coming year Finns cast molten tin into a bucket of water and then interpret the resulting shape. Russians, on the other hand, write down their wish on a small sheet of paper, burn it and then drop the ashes into the glass of bubbly or grape. If you drink it right before midnight, your wish will come true in the new year.

But no matter what country you live in and whether you want to party or sit in solitude within the comfort of the walls - KAN-therm wishes you in to stay in shape and much success in 2020!

Happy New Year!