KAN-therm: Aesthetics Hand in Hand with Functionality
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Aesthetics Hand in Hand with Functionality

Unique solution on the market

Residential Manifold Set is ready-to-use, prefabricated sets of manifolds to supply cold and hot domestic water as well as heating medium to multi-family houses.

They allow for execution of metering points for heating installations as well as drinking water in single assembly. The solution is innovative, compact and extremely convenient to use.

This product is a complete novelty on the installation market, made by KAN, patented and legally protected.


Why to choose it?

The multi-family construction market is not only an increasingly higher standard of interior finishing, but also ensures optimal usable space for the residents. Attention to detail goes hand in hand with the provision of appropriate installation parts, which will meet the highest standards of safety and functionality.


An innovation in installation

Residential Manifold Sets are an answer to the need for increased housing space and guarantee faster and thus less financially demanding work. Mounting in installation shafts is much more efficient as the product is delivered to the construction site in the form of a ready-made prefabricated unit. Thus, the execution of the project at the construction stage takes place in a shorter time, which accelerates the commissioning of the building and the sale of apartments. The investment pays off earlier than originally planned.



Benefits for Developers, Benefit for Residents

They allow for faster completion, commissioning and sale of a building. Thanks to the use of a technology monitored in KAN company laboratories for many years, the system guarantees failure-free operation of all water and heating systems for a long time.

As a developer, thanks to Residential Manifold Set you gain valuable assembly time, which translates to reduced costs and faster finishing time of an apartment, and subsequently of its sale.

As a user, you will appreciate aesthetics and reliability of the structure.


Start Working at the Project Stage

Have you made a decision? Start implementing it already at the stage of building design. Then it will take into account the appropriately reduced space for running installation risers (so-called ‘shafts’), optimizing the space of the investment. With  Residential Manifold Set, you can easily, quickly and precisely connect cold, hot water and central heating installation parts, with the possibility of an immediate leakage test.

It is produced by KAN which has been specializing in the production of water and heating installation systems based on innovative technological solutions for over 25 years. It is a guarantee of comfort of use and many years of safe work. Product reliability and resistance to the passage of time is their distinguishing feature, which is indispensable in modern housing construction

The Residential Manifold Set works in favour of a larger usable space while increasing the functionality of water and heating system in a building and shortening the time of its installation. This product is an absolute novelty on the market, which perfectly combines functionality with aesthetics.

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