KAN-therm: Assembly of System KAN-therm Groove
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Assembly of System KAN-therm Groove


Solution for connecting pipes and couplings made out of metal offered in System KAN-therm Groove makes traditional connection methods like welding or threading, a thing of the past.

The basis for connecting a pipe with another pipe or a pipe with a fitting selected from our offer is a bolted coupling. Its construction features three elements: body of the coupling made of ductile cast iron, rubber gasket (e.g. EPDM or NBR, depending on the transported medium), and a set of bolts and nuts made of galvanized carbon steel. The elements to be connected must be equipped with a special groove to allow the coupling to be wedged onto it. 

Instructional video

Watch our video and see how to assembly elements in System KAN-therm Groove.

Before installing the pipes, they are subjected to a treatment process called grooving.
It can be made using two methods:
  • by rolling - the pipe wall is compressed between the rollers (deformation of the material)
  • by cutting - the pipe wall is cut circumferentially (material removal)
System KAN-therm Groove

Grooved couplings assembly - step by step instruction

System KAN-therm Groove

Check and prepare the ends of the pipes: To obtain optimal quality of sealing, the outer layer of pipe ends should be free of any dents, protrusions, rolling marks and other surface defects such as loosely adhering paint, scale, dust, chips, grease or rust.

System KAN-therm Groove

Check the gasket: Make sure that the gasket supplied is suitable for the intended use. The colour of the stripe determines the type of gasket.

System KAN-therm Groove

Lubricate the gasket: To facilitate insertion of the pipe and installation of couplings without pinching effect, apply a thin layer of grease available in KAN-therm Groove's offer on the lip of the gasket and on the outer coating of the gasket. Other suitable lubricants may be used as long as they do not have properties that may damage the gasket.

System KAN-therm Groove

Install the gasket: Install the gasket at one end of the pipe so that the end of the pipe is visible. No part of the gasket should overhang this end of the pipe.

System KAN-therm Groove

Connect the second pipe: match the two ends of the pipes to be connected. Slide the gasket into the ends and centre it between the grooves of the joined pipes. No part of the gasket should enter the grooves of the pipes.

System KAN-therm Groove

Install the coupling: Start the assembly with the separated housing parts of the coupling.

System KAN-therm Groove

Turn both halves of the coupling: Mount both halves at the same time. Make sure that the coupling keys are engaged in the grooves.

System KAN-therm Groove

Insert the bolts and put on the nuts: Insert all bolts and tighten the nuts manually. Make sure that the oval bolt head is locked in the bolt hole in the coupling casing.

System KAN-therm Groove

Tighten the nuts: Tighten nuts alternately and equally until the bolt pads meet and make metal-to-metal contact. Tighten nuts by another one quarter to one half turn to make sure the bolts and nuts are snug and secure. The use of a torque wrench is not required.
System KAN-therm Groove

For flange adapters, saddle fittings and wildcat couplings. Tighten the nuts. Bolts and nuts must always be tightened to the required torque by using a torque wrench. Normally there will be gaps seen between the bolt pads after the bolts and nuts are fully tightened. Bolt pad gaps should be equal on both sides of the coupling



CAUTION! Uneven tightening of the bolts and nuts may cause pinching of the gasket, causing immediate or later leakage. If a impact wrench is used, excessive tightening of the nuts may damage the bolt or the coupling.

NOTE! Excessive tightening torque can cause the bolts and nuts to jam. To correct the problem with stainless steel bolts and nuts, Loctite C5-A anti-galling grease should be used. A good solution for preventing seizures is the use of silicon bronze nuts.

    System KAN-therm

    Date: 12/2018

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