KAN-therm: Check System KAN-therm Groove Catalogue

Check System KAN-therm Groove Catalogue

We are glad to inform that System KAN-therm Groove Catalogue (Technical Part + Assortment) is now available.

Check our offer: read, browse, download pdf. Enjoy it!

System KAN-therm Groove for connecting pipes and couplings made out of metal makes traditional connection methods like welding or threading, a thing of the past.

The basis for System KAN-therm Groove are bolted clamping rings (couplings), equipped with a rubber gasket and specially designed fittings. The complete offer does not include straight pipe sections. Why? This technical solution works with traditional carbon steel and galvanised carbon steel pipes, which are commonly used in the installation market.
The main features of System KAN-therm Groove are:
- resistance to very high pressure and temperature;
- very wide range of diameters (from DN25 to DN300);
- no need to work with flames or high temperature;
- no impact of external conditions on the quality of connection.
It can be applied to the construction of virtually any piping system. Most often these will be:
- hydrant and sprinkler fire-fighting installations;
- water installations;
- heating and cooling installations requiring very large diameters;
- compressed air installations.
The system may also be used for industrial installations and pipelines in the mining industry. The great advantage is the possibility of dismantling the system and reassembling at a new location, especially when a pipeline is constructed for a limited period of time only. For sprinkler systems, System KAN-therm Groove is fully compatible with KAN-therm Steel and Inox Sprinkler components and allows pipes and couplings to be connected in large diameters, exceeding 108 mm.