KAN-therm: Installation solutions? KAN will present them in India during iDAC CON-EXPO 2022!
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Installation solutions? KAN will present them in India during iDAC CON-EXPO 2022!

We are facing a unique event, thrilling the construction industry around the world. We are talking about iDAC CON-EXPO trade fair organized in Mumbai Venue: Jio World Convention Centre, BKC, which will take place on 05th - 07th MAY 2022. It is the largest arena in Asia for the exchange of knowledge, inspiration and latest practices applied in the construction market. One of the exhibitors at this year's symposium will be KAN - Polish manufacturer of latest water and heating systems.

iDAC CON-EXPO 2022 is a one-of-a-kind exhibition in India. Its primary objective is to educate the construction industry through a variety of knowledge sharing platforms. What sets it apart is that it brings together professionals from all over the world. Not only they can inspire each other but also combine theory and practice to see how the solutions available in many markets work.

Knowledge adjusted to expectations

The most numerous group represented at iDAC CON-EXPO will be architects and interior designers. Apart from them, developers, construction engineers, designers and landscape architects will also share their knowledge. Importantly, each of these groups will have a dedicated pavilion at their disposal. This year there will be as many as six of them:

  • the Building Services and Fire Safety Pavilion aimed at MEP and fire consultants,
  • the Interior and Lighting Pavilion, where sessions dedicated to interior design and lighting will be held,
  • the Green Pavilion under the auspices of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), where sustainability and green building solutions will be the overarching themes,
  • the Technical Infrastructure Pavilion, where concepts for the implementation of the Maharashtra State Government will be discussed,
  • the Facade and High Traffic Pavilion dedicated to tall buildings and their facades,
  • the Architecture and Landscape Pavilion providing an arena for knowledge exchange in the field of green space management and landscape design.

- Our stand, numbered A-10, will be located in the Building Services and Fire Safety Pavilion on the Venue: Jio World Convention Centre, BKC. It will occupy an area of 27 m2 – says Piotr Reich, Sales Director Middle East at KAN.
- Visitors to the KAN Group exhibition will be presented with the latest systems from the brand's portfolio and we will show how they work in practice. Last year, in November, we had an opportunity to participate in ASSOCHAM GEM Sustainability Conclave, Expo & Awards organized in New Delhi. Therefore, iDAC CON-EXPO is another trade fair in India, in which we have the pleasure to participate. Indian market is developing extremely dynamically. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a perfect opportunity to present solutions which combine the efficient with the effective.

This year's edition of the event, which will last three days, will be attended by over 250 experts - real stars of the construction sector. They will present the full potential of the offered solutions by demonstrating their functionality to the participants of the event.

We encourage you to participate and follow KAN-therm presence during iDAC CON-EXPO 2022.

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