KAN-therm: KAN Group member of the Indian Plumbing Skills Council (IPSC)
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KAN Group member of the Indian Plumbing Skills Council (IPSC)

KAN Group, one of the leaders in implementing modern system solutions for water and heating installations, has become a proud member of the Indian Plumbing Skills Council (IPSC). The company's membership in the IPSC will enable it to become actively involved in the development of the installation market in India, while at the same time allowing it to meet the widest possible range of local specialists. A professional approach, exchange of valuable experience and continuous improvement are the foundations of this undertaking.



Offering innovative solutions and products of the highest quality has made KAN Group one of the leaders in the installation and sanitation industry not only on the domestic market but also on the international scene. Thanks to the membership in the IPSC, the innovation and high quality of the solutions offered can now also be appreciated by professionals in the sanitary installation market in India. The systems that the company will promote are solutions for water and HVAC installations: Inox, Press, PP Green and Radiant heating & cooling.

KAN Group has been accepted as a member of the IPSC for a period of two years, starting in September this year.

Hydraulic services industry

Hydraulic services are currently a rapidly growing sector in the construction market in India. The industry faces major challenges arising from, on the one hand, the need to ensure adequate sanitary conditions for residents and, on the other hand, from environmental protection requirements. This translates into increased interest in proven sanitary technology solutions and qualified specialists. The lack of generally accepted standards of training for professionals and the consequent inadequate number of professionally trained plumbers are the problems of the hydraulic services industry in India. Initiatives taken by the IPSC are the answer. Thanks to its membership in IPSC, KAN Group will be able to actively participate in this growing sector of the construction market. In turn, plumbers will benefit from the company's knowledge and experience to date.

Indian Plumbing Skills Council (IPSC)

A non-profit organisation that acts as an accreditation and certification body. The organization's activity also serves to increase the competence of professionals working in the sanitary installations industry and to minimize the differences between qualified and unqualified plumbers. The aim of the IPSC is to create a competitive and sustainable water-hydraulic industry.

The concept of membership in the Council is carefully thought out. The members of the IPSC have the opportunity to exchange experiences in order to inspire each other to solve the current challenges of the water and sewerage industry in India.

KAN Group

KAN Group with its headquarters in Białystok, Poland is an internationally recognized manufacturer and supplier of modern solutions and installation systems KAN-therm. The year 1990 marked the start of the company's activity. For the next 30 years the company has built its strong position based on professionalism, innovation, quality and development. Today, has a network of branches in Poland, and offices in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Hungary. KAN-therm products are exported to about 60 countries around the world, and the distribution network covers Europe, a large part of Asia and Africa.