KAN-therm: KAN SET 7.2 — check new features and enjoy the new possibilities


KAN SET 7.2 — check new features and enjoy the new possibilities


We are glad to announce that the latest version of KAN SET is now available in English. 

KAN SET software is a comprehensive tool supporting the design process. The tool combines calculations of cold and hot installation with circulation and central heating and cooling installation in one project.

New updated version – KAN SET 7.2 has been enriched with seven new functionalities of floor heating module and two other additional improvements as presented below. All this to further improve the design of installation and shorten project lead time.



1. Mechanism for determining the effective heating surface of floor radiators

2. Improvements to the modification of heating fields shape (cutting, sticking, adding or removing vertices at cursor position)

3. Possibility of choosing the direction of drawing the heating loop and the way of laying the pipes in concave corners

4. Function displaying auxiliary lines for manual drawing of coils

5. Convenient insertion of heating fields around cursor location

6. Extension of the range of mixing group schemes

7. Signalling of unconnected heating fields


1. Extensive graphic editor

2. Further developments to the design process



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