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KAN-therm Multi-system

One Manufacturer, One Warranty, Unlimited Possibilities


Modern, comprehensive, energy-saving, durable and reliable, fast and easy to assemble and offering materials of the highest quality — these are the requirements set by investors, designers and contractors for current piping systems.

The need to use different materials, as well as small and large diameters of pipes and fittings within the same installation, often forces those responsible for selection and installation of a specific technical solution to use components delivered by many manufacturers.

SYSTEM KAN-therm guarantees meeting all the above requirements and provides complex technologies within single manufacturer’s offer. This unique approach to handling various investments guarantees professional, complete and multi-system technical solutions.



Something Professional for Us All

KAN-therm offer includes products for the construction of heating and tap water systems in single-family and multi-family houses, public utility buildings, hotels and boarding houses. We offer reliable solutions for the construction of proven traditional radiator systems and for more demanding customers - we provide innovative structures for radiant systems such as wall-mounted heating and cooling panels or complete floor heating and cooling systems.

Skyscrapers, offices and shopping malls, as well as single-family houses are equipped with technological cooling or heating installations. They ensure that the optimum microclimate is maintained for the users while maintaining high energy efficiency of entire installation.

Fire-fighting systems are another example of application field of products available in SYSTEM KAN-therm offer. This type of installation is being increasingly more often designed and installed in schools, kindergartens, high-rise multi-family buildings and public buildings. They guarantee full safety of people remaining in these facilities, protecting against uncontrolled spread of fire on neighboring premises.

Special materials used for the production of certain installation solutions, e.g. stainless steel, offer a wide range of applications in technological installations in various industries, e.g. for supplying production lines or individual devices. The most popular example of this type of installation is compressed air used for supplying and driving a number of devices in garages and vulcanization workshops.

Not Only a Manufacturer

KAN-therm company is not only a manufacturer. Behind SYSTEM KAN-therm brand stands a whole personnel of professionals specializing in pipe installations. Thanks to their experience, knowledge and, above all, an unconventional approach to investment service, even the most non-typical projects are realized. This was the case with the installation of floor heating in elephant paddock — these majestic animals, contrary to their appearance, have very sensitive "feet", so it was very important to provide them with an optimal temperature of sand on which they would walk.

SYSTEM KAN-therm products reach also customers running agricultural businesses. Today, poultry houses are equipped with the most modern, energy-saving surface heating systems. Advanced construction of a modern poultry house contributes to the high quality of reared chickens and ensures high savings of fodder and products for bedding preparation.

The innovative approach of KAN-therm specialists has also led to significant improvements in companies dealing in water purification. Thanks to the advantages of surface heating, the process of dehumidification of sludge generated through the use of water treatment technology in special greenhouses has been improved.

A very similar technology — in this case for heating outdoor areas — was used in sports facilities. Heating up a football pitch ensures that it may be used safely all year round — in late autumn, early spring and even in winter.

Support for Success

Plastic pipes — homogeneous and composite pipes, thin-walled steel pipes, plastic, brass and steel couplings and connectors, proven in a wide range of applications, various and reliable joining techniques, wide range of diameters between 8 mm and 168 mm, may be used in standard tap water installations, heating and cooling as well as special industrial, technological and fire-fighting installations, for indoor and outdoor use, predisposed for single and multi-family buildings, public utility buildings and even agriculture... This is how the multi-system offer of KAN-therm may be summed up in a nutshell. All of this is covered by single manufacturer’s up to 15-year warranty.

A wide range of products and services enables an individual approach to each investor and allows us to make installations tailored to technical and economic needs; plus, our specialists support you in selecting the optimal solution and production technology. Cooperation with KAN-therm means a professional approach and unlimited possibilities.

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