KAN-therm: New! KAN-therm stainless steel manifolds
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New! KAN-therm stainless steel manifolds

The new stainless steel manifolds are the première of autumn 2019 at KAN-therm.

We are proud to inform you of the benefits that our new products provide.

Entire manufacturing process of manifolds takes place at the headquarters of KAN-therm - a company with traditions that ensures quality, product development and multi-system application.

Developed with attention to every detail, they are primarily distinguished from others by their noble material combined with modern design.
Completely new polymer clamps have the function of damping vibrations (elastomer inserts) and identification of the method of connecting the heat source - supply-return.


Laser-marked beams - guarantee the purchase of genuine product and allow you to easily identify its authenticity. This advantage minimizes the possibility of buying counterfeit goods of low quality. Equipped with system identification of rooms, they enable simple and aesthetic description of places by means of laser numbering of heating circuits on the manifold beam. Descriptions may also be provided on a special sticker placed on the inside of the cabinet door.

The benefits of using new technologies is increased resistance of manifolds to chloride ions dissolved in water. Combined with the use of the highest quality stainless steel, it gives an important argument in favour of KAN-therm Systems, especially in the case of drinking water installations.

Replacement of brass manifolds with new stainless steel ones means increased hydraulics. The 1 ¼” beam profile has a much larger active diameter compared to the brass manifolds in the 1" profile.


The easy rotation of the beams in their axis creates new possibilities of turning the connections up to 180 degrees without the necessity to dismantle the manifold. In contrast, traditional threaded connections: female G 1” for beams and male G ¾" Eurocone create outputs for individual circuits.

Manifolds constructed this way give the opportunity to work in installations filled with both treated water as well as glycol mixtures up to 50% concentration.


Manifolds are covered with 10-year warranty for the profile and are perfectly suitable to cooperate with the existing armament fittings of the KAN-therm manifolds, which makes it a unique set.