KAN-therm: New product in offer: System KAN-therm Press Gas


New product in offer: System KAN-therm Press Gas

Constantly responding to the needs of customers, the KAN-therm company has introduced a new solution to the market - System KAN-therm Press GAS, system for internal gas installations.

System KAN-therm Press GAS - the latest system in our offer based on many years of experience and proven solutions of the System KAN-therm Press.  Our newest system is an excellent product that is dedicated to natural gas (Category D) and liquid gas (Category E) systems.
System KAN-therm Press GAS is fully safe during assembly - there is no need to use open fire. The diameters range is 16-25 mm, and the working pressure is up to 3 bars. The system is based on a PE-RT / Al / PE-RT multi-layer pipe in yellow color. The fittings are made of the highest quality CW617N brass, and have internal O-rings which ensuring fully tightness of the connecton.
Technical advantages: