KAN-therm: Pressed copper in System KAN-therm offer
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Pressed copper in System KAN-therm offer



System KAN-therm Copper and Copper GAS are two new technical solutions introduced to the offer of System KAN-therm. After System KAN-therm Steel and Inox, these are the subsequent metal and more specifically - copper systems with fittings connected by pressing. Depending on the purpose, they are available in two different diameter ranges. System KAN-therm Copper, commonly used in heating and cooling, potable water, compressed air, solar and heating oil installations, is available in diameters range 12 - 108 mm. 

System KAN-therm Copper GAS, which as the name suggests is recommended solely for internal gas installations, is available in diameters range of 15 - 54 mm. In both cases, i.e. System KAN-therm Copper and Copper GAS, the fittings are made of high-quality copper (fittings without threads), as well as bronze or brass (fittings with threads).

The difference between Copper fittings and Copper GAS fittings is that they are factory-fitted with a different O-ring seal. System KAN-therm Copper fittings are factory-fitted with EPDM seals (black) which enable their use in heating or cooling installations, as well as in potable water installations with temperature up to 110 oC (short-term up to 135 oC). If there is a need to use System KAN-therm Copper in solar installation, due to the possibility of high temperatures and the use of glycol mixtures, it is recommended to replace the standard EPDM seal with an FPM seal (green). FPM O-rings can operate at higher temperatures of up to 200 oC (temporarily up to 230 oC), but should not be used with clean hot water alone. The Copper system fittings can operate at the maximum pressure of up to 16 bar for diameters up to and including 54 mm and at the pressure of up to 10 bar for diameters of 54 - 108 mm. Due to their use in internal gas installations, the Copper GAS system fittings are factory-fitted with special NBR seals (yellow). This type of seal enables the elements to operate at pressures up to 5 bar and temperatures up to 70 oC. This is necessary in order to minimize the possible risk of use of inappropriate components in gas installations.

EPDM (black)

FPM (green)

NBR (yellow)

Seals in System KAN-therm Copper fittings, in the full range of diameters, i.e. from 12 mm to 108 mm, are equipped with the LBP (Leak Before Press) function. This gives the additional convenience and safety at work on the construction site.

1. Indication of connections that have not been pressed – LBP (Leak Before Press)

2. The LBP function is implemented by ovalization of the stub pipe.

Contact of the pipe with the O-ring seal and the stub of the fitting



 If the installer forgets to press the connection when filling the system with water or other medium, the connection clearly leaks, indicating lack of tightness and thus the need for a "Press" connection. The LBP function in the whole range of diameters is realized by a special construction of the fitting, namely the so-called ovalization of the body in which the gasket is embedded. As a result, there is no 100% contact between the pipe and the fitting until the installer performs the pressing.

For complete installation, System KAN-therm Copper fittings can use standard copper pipes compliant with EN 1057. These can be soft copper pipes R220, medium-hard pipes R250, or hard pipes R290. The values R220, R250 and R290 refer to the tensile strength specified in N/mm². The higher the value, the harder the pipe material is. In case of System KAN-therm Copper GAS fittings, due to the use of the solution in gas installations, it is recommended to use copper pipes compliant with EN 1057, medium-hard R250 or hard R290. This configuration of fittings and pipes guarantees complete safety and long-term, failure-free operation of the system made of Copper and Copper GAS components.

In order to connect a pipe with System KAN-therm Copper and Copper GAS fitting, special tools should be used to carry out the radial pressing process, commonly known as the "Press" type connection. The design of both types of fittings requires the use of pressing jaws with the "M" clamp profile, which is the most popular on the installation market. System KAN-therm Copper offers a complete range of crimping machines and jaws from the two most popular manufacturers, Novopress and REMS. For crimping System KAN-therm Copper GAS fittings, due to the need for special certificates, the use of Novopress crimping machines and pressing jaws is allowed. All tools are available in the offer of both solutions and in KAN-therm's technical materials you can find detailed recommendations for their completion.


Connecting System KAN-therm Copper and Copper GAS fittings to copper pipes is a very simple and fast process. It consists in cutting the pipe to the required length, removing any burrs from that may damage the seal, checking the presence of the seal in the fitting, inserting the pipe into the fitting to the required depth, and then placing the jaw and making the press connection with the use of an electric crimping machine. The whole process is very quick and easy to complete, even by people who do not have the applicable licenses or qualifications.      


The need to shorten the investment process, including the assembly of piping systems, forces installers to use fast, reliable, and durable methods of assembly of pipes and fittings. System KAN-therm Copper and System KAN-therm Copper GAS offer such possibilities. They replace traditional soldering techniques with the fast, convenient, and safe "Press" technology. The wide range of available diameters - up to 108 mm, the LBP function, the lack of fire hazard during installation, the high corrosion resistance, and the aesthetics of the installation, make those systems one of the most popular installation solutions on the market.

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