KAN-therm: Thank You for visiting us at ISH 2019 Frankfurt
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Thank You for visiting us at ISH 2019 Frankfurt

ISH Frankfurt 2019 fair is behind us. Next opportunity in two years!

Once again, KAN-therm had the pleasure to promote its products at the international event which is ISH Frankfurt, which took place on March 11-15, 2019. The two-year trade fair cycle requires participants to be precise in the organization of the stand and creativity in its arrangement. So that the impression after the meeting was as large as possible and the stand itself become embedded in people’s memory for a long time.

The experience, well-thought-out strategy and creative approach of the company to participate in the international industry event have produced great results. We are convinced that this year's participants of the ISH Frankfurt 2019 Fair are happy to remember the meeting with our experts with pleasure.

System KAN-therm UltraLine – successful debut

We have been waiting for the premiere of the new system and it finally succeeded! The System KAN-therm UltraLine created for professionals, in which the advantages of a O-ringless design of the fittings, reliability of connections with a sliding sleeve and the possibility of flexible pipe type selection were used, was met with excellent reception. We emphasized its universal application which guarantee precise and reliable assembly without additional seals.

- It is an excellent product in technical terms, characterized by 100% tightness and mechanical strength of the connections – emphasizes Mr. Mariusz Choroszucha, Head of the Technical Advisory Department of the KAN Group  - The users will appreciate it not only for the possibility of safe assembly, but above all for its versatility. Four types of pipes can be applied for multiple use.



Systems KAN-therm – find out more from close-up

A permanent element of our exhibition spaces is the direct presentation of the company systems. In this way, we enable our visitors to be in close contact with the technology and check how our solutions look in reality. Among the products we showed at ISH 2019 in Frankfurt the following appeared: System KAN-therm UltraLine, System KAN-therm installation cabinets, System KAN-therm Press LBP, System KAN-therm PP as well as Floor Heating and Wall Heating, pointing to their innovative technology, safety of use, trouble-free operation and comfortable service. The remote adjustment functionality could be tested with the use of suitable KAN-therm SMART applications.

- Presence at the event as the ISH fair in Frankfurt is an honour, but also an obligation, first of all in a diligent presentation of the company's solutions on the international forum. The first impression should be accompanied by the support of the technologies used, professional advice and an indication of the advantages of assembly which stand out in the KAN-therm systems. Owing to skilful combination of all these elements, support of the employees responsible for presenting the company at the fair and an open approach to the customers, we have successfully completed this meeting – summarizes Mr. Mariusz Choroszucha.



International master of taste

How to fully emphasize the international nature of the event and the company? By presenting the products in appropriate stage set. The two-level construction of the stand has created a fantastic opportunity for the company to use the advantages of the exhibition space and unusual presentation of its products. The company's stand with an area of ​​100 m2 has been divided into two sections – the first one, German-speaking, presenting solutions especially popular in Germany, the second one of international character – for other European and Asian countries.

Tasting of dishes characteristic to the regions in which the KAN Group has its own companies turned out to be a great success. Among them were Hungarian pancakes, Russian pancakes and boeuf Strogonof from Russia, sandwiches on pretzels referring to the German cuisine, Belarussian potato cake or Ukrainian yeast buns. From Poland, on the other hand, we brought sękacz and koryciński cheese, referring to the region of Podlasie where the company has its headquarters. This selection of tastes was complemented by our master barista. Our freshly brewed coffee also could not be ordinary. According to the nature of the event, it also took on an international dimension. And so the guests from different parts of the world could taste a drink with apple syrup and cinnamon in Belarussian or German style, with one of the herbal drinks most characteristic for the region which is Jägermeister. There was also coffee in Polish style with gingerbread or Ukrainian with honey and pear. Impressions? It was tasty!

The company's set design was perfectly complemented by our hostesses in original company outfits designed specifically for this event. Ladies offered chocolates promoting the System KAN-therm UltraLine which had its international premiere at the fair.  



Our technology, your success.

Presentation of Systems KAN-therm was accompanied by refined technological support, in the form of a huge screen displaying films promoting KAN products, among others. They could not miss the presentation of the new System KAN-therm UltraLine in a bilingual version (German and English). As a curiosity, there was a recording showing the dance etude of Polish dancers against a background of the company's warehouse space. A perfectly performed, dynamic display emphasized the company's modern approach to the promotion of its solutions.

The fair was also a great opportunity to show the work of technical department. Our experts presented the assembly of selected elements of Systems KAN-therm, paying particular attention to the strength of the new System KAN-therm UltraLine.

The connection of the new system has been subjected to an exorbitantly high pressure of 99 bar, which normally does not occur in reality – explains Mr. Mariusz Choroszucha – Owing to the experience conducted in a special aquarium, we were able to see that connections in the new system are able to withstand extremely high pressure, even when the pipes break down – their connection with fittings is still durable.

We would like to thank all the visitors of the KAN-therm stand at the ISH 2019 fair in Frankfurt for their presence and we invite you to the next event of this type – we will see you in two-year time. 

See you next time!

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