KAN-therm: #TOWER. Close to the clouds.
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#TOWER. Close to the clouds.

The standard of a luxurious contemporary apartment

The lines and shapes of architecture which were only a vision a decade ago, has already shined on the right bank of the Neris River in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Konstitucijos prospectus pulses as one of the most important and convenient arteries of the capital. Solutions that grow the city upwards rather than at the edges - this is how urbanists describe projects implemented alongside the prospectus. No wonder they put on the proven quality of System KAN-therm Push Platinum.

The #Tower of almost 100 meters high is an example of a sustainable urban solution. The city’s top impressions inspire the imagination and opens up the diversity of the new center of Vilnius: the river flows quietly in the nearby area, the Vingis Park murmurs, and on the other side boasts life in restaurants, bars and clubs. Exploring the city's terrain, the rooftops and architecture of the Old Town, you can spend hours looking through the window.




System KAN-therm Push Platinum: Reliability and Prestige

The project-developing company UAB “IREC Baltic” has decided to build a building that meets the highest standards of living environment quality so that people who chose the life in the city center could enjoy the greatest benefits of Vilnius: good connections, enchanting views and natural proximity. The coherence of technological and engineering solutions ensures that a home on any of the 29 floors is a long-term investment with a high return potential. Thus, they decided to use System KAN-therm Push Platinum in the building. The system is designed to be used in internal water supply system (hot and cold tap water) and heating installations. Installation tightness and durability is guaranteed by the high quality of materials and non-o-ring, leak proof connections which do not require any additional sealing.

Saulius Kulvietis, the commercial director of “Irec Baltic”, who has implemented a smart multi-storey #TOWER project in Vilnius, rightly observes that radiators in the modern interior look like a relic from the last century. “Designers of sustainable and modern buildings are choosing completely different solutions, they are taking advantage of the progress of air conditioning and heating technologies“, emphasizes S. Kulvietis. With the modern heating solutions, implemented by KAN Group, he offers to get acquainted with the impressive building standing in the center of Vilnius.



Choose reliable and advanced manufacturers

“We chose to create the #Tower project because we clearly understood that this place in Vilnius is unique, with its potential to surpass most of the world’s famous cities. Everything is incredibly close here, so, by implementing quality solutions, we have created maximum comfort and give our customers the freedom to realize their individual needs: from the sports club and the children's playground to the ability to manage the home environment with a smart gadget“, says Saulius Kulvietis, Commercial Director of “IREC Baltic”. He can continue to mention the solutions of the world-famous manufacturers which were installed by the builders in the #Tower building. Ventilation, cooling and centralized heating of city networks are connected to one control system.

The fastest lifts ride faster in less than a minute to the finest, one-million euro apartment on the upper floors. The window overlooks the spectacular panorama of Vilnius and the capital’s area. Two-chamber window saree made of solar-controlled and energy-saving glass packets with three layers of glass. Glass facades were tested in an accredited laboratory in Germany. Together with other engineering solutions, they help ensure Class B acoustic comfort and good sound insulation.


Concierge will take you away from worries

Under the impressive building there is a two-story parking lot for 220 cars. It also has special places for electric cars to charge. The underground parking is equipped with modern fire protection system, monoxide removal and ventilation systems. As the underground parking is heated - drivers will not have problems even in the cold winter. 

#Tower residents and their guests will enjoy helpful concierge, 24 hours a day ensuring perfect order and helping them to solve various issues, such as taking a car to a car wash, arranging a trip to and from the airport for the residents, arranging taking care of domestic animals and picking up shipments when the addressees are not at home. 

Security at #Tower inside and across the territory is ensured by security staff and video surveillance cameras - the movement in the yard allows every resident to monitor via his smartphone. In general, the smartphone enables the owner of each home to manage its space according to individual needs: to control room temperature, air circulation, and monitor electricity and water costs at a distance.


Green oasis and comfortable offices

The multi-storey building has the facilities for group fitness training and sports hall, as well as space for children’s playroom. 

Parents with children will be able to have a safe and fun time in the #Tower yard - a covered playground with a soft cover will be full of swings, climbing facilities and other entertainments The developers of the recreational yard were able to turn the yard into a green oasis, forest breathes oasis – some of the plants were raised and brought from Germany specifically for #Tower.

The #Tower will have a 5,000-square-meter business center integrated. However, the office section will be separated from the residential flat sector. The business center staff will be able to easily arrive at work not only by cars, but also by bicycles - 70 bicycle racks and storage facilities for environmentally friendly vehicles. There will also be changing rooms and shower cabins. 

As KAN Group are proud to be part of that project.


#TOWER – city from above