KAN-therm: Wireless KAN-therm Smart electrical panels with LAN connection

Wireless KAN-therm Smart electrical panels with LAN connection

  • Two-directional 868 MHz wireless technology
  • 230V or 24V versions (with a transformer)
  • The possibility of connecting max 12 thermostats and max 18 servomotors
  • Heating and cooling function in the standard version
  • Manifold pump and valve protection functions, frost-resistance function, safe temperature limiter, emergency mode
  • Servomotor operation functions: NC (normally closed) or NO (normally open)
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Ethernet RJ 45 socket (for connecting to the Internet)
  • The possibility of connecting additional devices: pump module, dew point sensor, external clock, additional heat source
  • Clear indication of mode using LEDs
  • Range in buildings 25 m
  • “Start SMART” function – the possibility of activating automatic system adaptation to the conditions in the room/building
  • Configuration using a microSD card, using a network program interface, and at the level of wireless thermostat
  • The possibility of easy and simple extensions of the system and setting updates (through the network or using a microSD card)