KAN-therm: 2018
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System KAN-therm Press Gas - new product in offer

We are proud to present you with a new solution in the KAN-therm - System KAN-therm Press Gas intended for internal gas installations.

System KAN-therm Press Gas is an installation system consisting of polyethylene multilayer pipes and brass fittings connected together by means of radial pressing. System is intended for indoor natural gas (category D) and liquid gas (category E) fuel systems. All fittings are equipped with HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) O-ring seals providing pressure tight and gas resistant connections.

System KAN-therm Press Gas utilizes multilayer PE-RT/Al/PE-RT pipes in diameters range 16-25 and  highest quality brass fittings made of CW617N brass.

System KAN-therm Inox - new pipe diametrs in 1.4521 (AISI 444) grade


No. Name Code Group Qty.
1 INOX 1.4521 stainless steel pipe 76.1X2 1629194066 H m 6
2 INOX 1.4521 stainless steel pipe 88.9X2 1629194067 H m 6
3 INOX 1.4521 stainless steel pipe 108X2 1629194068 H m 6
System KAN-therm Inox - new union connectors


No. Name Code Group Qty. Qty. Bag
1 INOX union connector – 15 mm 1609271021 G szt.   2
2 INOX union connector – 18 mm 1609271022 G szt.   2
3 INOX union connector – 22 mm 1609271023 G szt.   2
4 INOX union connector – 28 mm 1609271024 G szt.   2
5 INOX union connector – 35 mm 1609271025 G szt.   2
6 INOX union connector – 42 mm 1609271026 G szt.   2
7 INOX union connector – 54 mm 1609271027 G szt.   2
System KAN-therm Steel and Inox -  new tools 

We have a pleasure to inform about introduction of new tools for assembly of KAN-therm Systems: Novopress EFP203, ACO103, ACO203XL and ACO403 press tool. Those tools might effectively be used to assembly of: System KAN-therm Steel, System KAN-therm Inox and System KAN-therm Press LBP. As for ACO203XL and ACO403 they might be also used with System KAN-therm Steel & Inox Sprinkler, fire extinguishing installations.

Impressive performance is ensured also by the wireless Bluetooth technology that allows to transfer data between the tool and NovoCheck application concerns (models: ACO103, ACO203XL and ACO403).

The Novocheck application connects this press tool with a smartphone or tablet, making it possible to monitor on a regular basis the status of the tool and the connections made:

  • device working time,
  • remaining battery charge,
  • tool temperature,
  • press cycle counter,
  • analysis of the correctness of connections made,
  • recording the individual events in the device log.

Let’s take a closer look at each tool.


Novopress EFP203 press tool. High performance combined with slim design.

The new Basic-line pressing tool EFP203 can handle press joints up to 54 mm (System KAN-therm Steel and System KAN-therm Inox) and up to 63 mm (System KAN-therm Press).

Thanks to 25 % savings in weight and a more slender design, the new EFP203 is even handier than its predecessor and ensures safe operation even in overhead situations. The pressing tool is a good economic alternative for modern pressing applications thanks to its automatic return and the short pressing cycle.


  • 6 cm shorter than EFP 202
  • Robust design
  • Automatic return
  • Easy handling
  • Rotatable head
  • Only 3kg weight
  • Ensures safe operation even in overhead situations

Check our flyer: Novopress EFP203 Press Tool


Novopress ACO103 press tool. Compact and high-performance efficiency.

The ACO103 provides additional valuable features to make working easier, faster and safer. The LED signal located under the transparent start button gives information about the battery or the status of the pressing units or occurred failures.


  • Powerful Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Illumination of the press area
  • Automatic pressing cycle
  • One-hand operation
  • Status indication with LED display
  • Electronic bolt retention
  • Analysis of the pressing tool performance via NovoCheck app

Check our flyer: Novopress ACO103 Press Tool



Novopress ACO203XL press tool. High range of dimensions – even up to 108 mm.

The XL-pressing tool of the new generation 203 makes faster pressings possible and achieves more pressing cycles per battery charge due to its higher efficiency. Versatile usage – 12 –108 mm for metal applications and 14 –110 mm for plastic applications with only one pressing tool.


  • Lighter and handier– only 3.9 kg weight,
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion batteries,
  • Rotatable head
  • Back stroke limitation
  • Less need for maintenance due to new motor technology
  • Status indication with LED display
  • Analysis of the pressing tool performance via NovoCheck app

Check our flyer: Novopress ACO203XL Press Tool


Novopress ACO403 press tool. Impressive force.

Reliable tool for connecting of high-pressure metal systems pressed within diameters 76.1-168.3 mm (KAN-therm System Steel, Steel Sprinkler, Inox, Inox Sprinkler). Perfectly suitable for special applications with special requirements concerning high pressure. Due to the rotatable head with a firmly mounted adaptor-jaw, the unit can be applied even at hardly accessible pressing points.


  • High press force 120kN - powerful for large pipe dimensions
  • Powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (20 - 30 press cycles)
  • Brushless Motor Technology - high performance and low need for maintenance
  • Battery status indication
  • Safier, ergonomic handles
  • Analysis of the pressing tool performance via NovoCheck app

Check our flyer: Novopress ACO403 Press Tool