KAN-therm: Pipes


From the System KAN-therm PP Green you can select six kinds of pipes differing in the wall thickness and the design (compound pipes):

All kinds of pipes are delivered in straight sections 4 m long. 

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System KAN-therm PP Green pipes (and connectors) are made of a PP-R/PP-RCT high-quality polypropylene.

In terms of the design there are two kinds of pipes: uniform (homogenous) and combined pipes (Stabi Al and Glass), characterized by their smaller thermal expansion. KAN-therm PP Stabi Al compound pipes consist of a uniform base pipe of the PP-R polypropylene surrounded by a coating of a perforated aluminium strip covered in addition by a protecting layer. For a better bonding of the aluminium layer with the polypropylene special binding glue layers are applied.

The design of KAN-therm PP Glass pipes is multi-layered. The glass fibre reinforced middle layer (40% of the pipe wall thickness) results in a high pipe strength and its small thermal expansion. 

In diameter range above 110 mm, pipes are made of beta type random polypropylene copolymer (PP-RCT) which used to be marked as Type 4.