KAN-therm: Seals


The fittings in System KAN-therm Copper are equipped with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber O-rings as standard, while System KAN-therm Copper Gas is equipped with NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) O-rings used in natural gas and LPG installations. In addition, FPM (fluoride propylene monomer) O-rings for solar and compressed air systems are also available.

The operating parameters and application range of the seals are given in the table below:
Name of the O ring Properties and operating parameters Application for seals
System KAN-therm Copper EPDM
  • max. operating pressure: 16 bar (10 bar for compressed air)
  • operating temperature: -20°C – +110°C
  • short-term: +135°C

  • tap water
  • central heating
  • cooling water (closed and open systems)
  • compressed air (oil content up to 25 mg/m³)
  • offshore installations

System KAN-therm Copper FPM
  • max. operating pressure: 10 bar
  • operating temperature of -20°C – +200°C
  • short-term: 230°C

  • Solar installations*
  • Compressed air
  • Inert gas installations
  • Diesel oil transport installations
  • Attention!
    Do not use in hot clean water installations

*should be used within the range of parameters according to EN 1254-2. Operating temperature:
≤ +120°C, max. operating pressure: 16 bar for Ø ≤ 54 mm, and 10 bar for Ø > 54 mm

All System KAN-therm Copper fittings with diameters of 12–108 mm are equipped with LBP (Leak Before Press — signalling of unpressed - leaking connections) function.

System KAN-therm Copper

System KAN-therm Copper
In the range of 12–108 mm diameters, the function is executed through an appropriate design of a fitting (stub ovalization).
System KAN-therm Copper