KAN-therm: Thank you for visiting us at SEEBBE in Serbia!

Thank you for visiting us at SEEBBE in Serbia!

From 18th till 21st April 2018 you could visit KAN-therm and talk with our Regional Representatives from Serbia at South East Europe Belgrade Building Expo (SEEBBE 2018).

The Building Trade Fair in Belgrade claims to be the most important specialized fair event in this branch in the entire region of South East Europe. At this year's 44th  SEEBBE our experts showed you KAN-therm leading systems: KAN-therm Steel, KAN-therm Inox, KAN-therm Press and KAN-therm Surface Heating System. It was also a chance to ask them questions about KAN-therm products. 

We are looking forward to seeing you again!



Fot. SEEBBE materials

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Photo gallery: http://rs.kan-therm.com/about/expos/gallery/2018.html