KAN-therm: History of the company
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History of the company



  • Introduction of new stainless steel manifolds - InoxFlow Line
  • Introduction of new cabinets - Slim Line


  • Introduction of new System KAN-therm UltraLine


  • Introduction of new System KAN-therm Groove
  • Introduction of new, patent protected product - Residential Manifold Set 


  • Introduction of two mobile apps: KAN Smart Control for managing the temperature throughout your home and KAN Quick Surface for speeding up the process of surface installation configuration
  • 3rd January 2017 - a new company KAN office opened in Hungary 


  • Opening of the new logistics and production centre of KAN in Białystok, Poland
  • Introducing a new brass version of KAN-therm Press LBP system
  • Second Generation of KAN-therm Push Platinum system with a PVDF ring 


  • The third consecutive Quality International Award for the KAN-therm System
  • Commencement of a New Modern Logistics Center construction


  • The production of  the 15th million PPSU fitting
  • Gold Emblem of the Quality International 2014 contest for the highest quality KAN-therm System


  • Opening of a new, modern office building of KAN company
  • KAN was awarded the Gold Emblem in Quality International 2013 contest for the best quality product System KAN-therm


  • The introduction of new KAN-therm Push Platinum System
  • Gold Installer Award for KAN-therm Push Platinum
  • Organization of international installation competition of KAN-therm Push Platinum System
  • Continuation of the program "Internship in KAN for college students"


  • The Company overtakes 100 % of Hydroplast Co. stocks - Hydroplast is manufacturer of a system of PP-R polypropylene parts
  • KAN-therm widens their offer of the KAN-therm PP System by adding to it combined pipes type Glass stabilised with glass fibres
  • Implementation of the third generation of pressed joints - KAN-therm Press LBP System
  • For the fifth time KAN is awarded the prize of the “Golden Pipe fitter” for their KAN-therm LBP connections


  • As the first company in the region KAN is granted the status of the Authorised Entrepreneur (an AEO- Certificate)
  • KAN is granted a successive Certificate of Conformity of the Company Management with the ISO 9001:2008 standard confirmed by the renowned Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Ltd


  • New production and storage halls have become operational
  • Introduction of new installation systems for fire-fighting sprinkler systems - KAN-therm Steel Sprinkler i KAN-therm Inox Sprinkler
  • KAN is awarded for the fourth time the statuette of the Golden Pipe fitter
  • Start-up of a new production line of pressure polyethylene pipes


  • A new company KAN office opened in Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg (Russia). KAN office in Minsk (Belarus) is enhanced
  • A new KAN seat opened in Tychy (Poland)
  • Introduction of a new plastic system - KAN-therm PP System of PP-R  polypropylene


  • Construction of a modern office and production KAN centre of a total area of some 5,000 m2 is started
  • New stores of the KAN Germany, inauguration under participation of the German KWD Institute


  • Our customers receive the KAN Quick Floor the first on-line software for calculation of a floor heating
  • MTP Fair – Fair Golden Medal for KAN for a full installation system the KAN-therm Press at the exhibition „Installations 2006”
  • New in our offer: new systems of a floor heating:  Rail, NET, Profil, TBS
  • KAN widens their offer by steel, pressed on systems called KAN-therm Steel and KAN-therm Inox System
  • KAN-therm Press System being granted KIWA Institute and DIN CERTCO Certificates
  • A new research KAN lab is opened

1990 - 2005

  • Start of the ninth decade: Start of a new system the KAN-therm Push, which very quickly gains recognition of customers and is still our flagship, successfully applied in the building industry
  • Almost at the same time the production of the KAN-therm System floor heating elements was started
  • Starting the production of PPSU (phenyl polysulfone) fittings (for the first time in Poland) and presently a treasured installation material means an important chapter in our history
  • Toward the end of the nineties KAN started the production and sales of a new and comprehensive KAN-therm System based on multi-layer pipes and pressed-on connections
  • The ISO 9001 Quality Management System was introduced in 2003
  • As the company developed, new divisions were established in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and in 2005
  • Over this period the KAN Company was many times highly estimated and has won prizes