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To make surface heating and cooling instillations (underfloor, wall, ceiling), two main KAN-therm pipes are recommended - polyethylene pipes with EVOH anti-diffusion coating and multilayer polyethylene pipes.

KAN‑therm bluePERT are high-grade uniform pipes designed for making surface heating and cooling installations (application class 4 according to ISO 10508).

The pipes are made in the five-layer (5L) technology, where all layers are permanently combined in the production process.

Thanks to the use of PE-RT polyethylene (type I) with high thermal resistance and the high flexibility of the product, KAN‑therm bluePERT pipes are comfortable to install even at low temperatures.

The EVOH anti-diffusion coating guarantees tightness against oxygen ingress into the system, protecting its components against corrosion.

The EVOH anti-diffusion coating (ethyl vinyl alcohol) meets the requirements of DIN 4726.

The pipes are made in line with PN‑EN ISO 21003.

The diameter and length of a pipe coil is determined on the basis of calculations and the design of the whole installation.

They are normally offered in coils of 200 or 100 and even 600mb.

For the purpose of large area heating projects, the length of the coil can be prepared individually.

Universal uniform PEXC, PERT pipes (type II) with EVOH anti-diffusion coating, available in the offer of system KAN‑therm, can also be used to make surface heating and cooling installations. PEXC and PERT pipes are also made in the five-layer construction (5L) and available in the diameter range of 12 to 25mm.

The five-layer (5L) construction of the bluePERT, PEXC and PERT pipes secures the EVOH anti-diffusion coating against damage during the assembly works.

Multilayer PERTAL pipes are another type of pipes that can be used to lay an installation supplying KAN‑therm Wall heating and cooling panels. These are universal polyethylene pipes, made in a multilayer construction with the use of an aluminium layer (application class 1-5 according to ISO 10508). 

The butt-welded aluminium layer, using laser technology, acts as an anti-diffusion coating and guarantees the tightness against oxygen ingress into the system, protecting its components against corrosion.  

The pipes are made in line with PN‑EN ISO 21003. 

Multilayer pipes with a diameter of 16mm are used to lay the installation supplying the Wall panels. 

They are offered in standard coils of 200 or 100rm.  

The most popular diameters are also available in 600rm coils.

Assembly of heating loops made of KAN-therm pipes supplied in coils is much easier with the use of a special pipe decoiler.

The possibility of adjusting the decoiler makes it possible to work also with long pipe coils, so that work is faster and more comfortable.

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