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System KAN-therm SMART is used for monitoring and regulating the temperature in single-family, multi-family and public buildings:

  • in radiator heating and cooling installation
  • in surface heating and cooling installation: underfloor, wall and ceiling.

KAN‑therm Smart automation is a multifunctional system that, apart from temperature control and regulation in various heating zones, also executes switching over heating/cooling modes, controlling heat source and pump operation.

SMART control terminal blocks make it also possible to connect a temperature limiter and external control clock.

The functions for protection of pumps and valves (temporary start-up during periods of longer stops), protection against freezing and excessive critical temperature are also provided.


The complete wireless KAN‑therm SMART control system includes:

  • Wireless wall thermostats
  • Control terminal blocks with LAN connection
  • Actuators

Additional elements such as an external antenna and signal relay (repeater) support the wireless connection between the control terminal block and the wall-mounted thermostat.

Wireless thermostat with LCD

Wireless room thermostat with an LCD display is a radio device controlling the electrical KAN‑therm Smart terminal block. It is designed to monitor temperature in a room and set the required temperature in the heating zone controlled by the thermostat.  Modern and elegant design, high-grade plastic resistant to scratching (polycarbonate)

  • Small dimension 85×85×22mm
  • Large (60×40mm), easy-to-read LCD display with backlighting
  • Communication system based on pictograms and the rotating dial provide intuitive and easy use
  • Very low power consumption - battery life of over 2 years
  • Possibility of connecting a floor temperature sensor
  • Two-way radio data transmission, range 25m inside buildings
  • Many useful functions, such as child lock, standby mode, day/night or auto operation modes, "Party", "Holiday" functions, weekly program.

Wireless control terminal block with LAN connection

The modern wireless terminal block is the intelligent core of the whole control system, connecting all devices for information processing, communication and regulation of room parameters.

  • Two-way wireless technology 868MHz
  • Versions 230V or 24V (with a transformer)
  • Possibility of connecting up to 12 thermostats and up to 18 actuators
  • Heating and cooling function
  • Function for protecting manifold pumps and valves, protection against freezing, safety temperature limiter, emergency mode
  • Actuator mode function: NC (normally closed) or NO (normally open)
  • Ethernet RJ 45 socket to connect the Internet
  • Possibility of connecting additional devices: pump module, dew point sensor, external clock, additional heat source
  • Clear LED indication of operation mode
  • Reach in buildings – 25m


The KAN‑therm Smart actuators are the state-of-the-art thermoelectric drives (servomotors) designed for opening and closing the valves of circuits of the surface heating and cooling system. Via connection of terminal blocks, they work with thermostats that control room temperature. The are mounted on special thermostatic valves in KAN‑therm manifolds.

  • Versions 230V or 24V
  • "First Open" function facilitating the installation of actuators and execution of pressure tests
  • Possibility to choose an actuator (NC or NO)
  • Quick installation with KAN‑therm M30×1.5 adapters
  • Secure fastening with a three-point locking system
  • Actuator calibration – automatic adjustment to the valve
  • Visualisation of actuator operation status
  • Mounting the actuator in any position
  • 100 % secured against water and humidity
  • Energy efficiency - energy consumption of only 1W.
  • Work with SMART and Basic+ automation

KAN Smart Control app 

It is an intelligent tool for managing KAN‑therm SMART automation that makes it possible to monitor and adjust the temperature all over the house from anywhere in the world. 

This tool distinguishes KAN‑therm SMART automation among other similar control systems. What do you get by using the app? 

  1. Easy and intuitive control of temperature all over the house from anywhere in the world (via the Internet or a local network). 
  2. The "Quick Setup" function enables the configuration of System KAN‑therm Smart directly from the app. 
  3. Full system diagnostics (a function to check the connection) and a suitable message in case of any problems with the device communication or low battery in the thermostats. 
  4. Quick access to pre-set scenarios (holiday, party) that optimise building energy consumption and the possibility of creating custom heating and cooling programmes. 

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