Project co-financed by the European Union

EU projects

Project co-financed by the European Union
from the European Regional Development Fund within

the framework of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Project executed as part of the competition organised by the

National Centre for Research and Development

"fast path"
Agreement no. POIR.01.01.01-00-0086/19-00

Development of a comprehensive system for the distribution and transformation of heat energy and water distribution for applications in construction with exceptional mechanical strength and chemical resistance (including resistance to aggressive substances, corrosive processes, temperature and deformations) and proprietary
production technology.

The objective of the project is to develop an innovative system for the distribution and transformation of heat energy and water distribution for use in the building industry.

The planned outcome is the implementation of an innovative system on the market as a response to market needs and to meet customer expectations.

Project value: PLN 22,096,316.86

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 8,942,196.60

"Development of research and development facilities and R&D activities of KAN sp. z o.o."

Project no.: RPPD.01.02.01-20-0062/16

Project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund within the Regional Operational Programme of the Podlaskie Voivodeship 2014-2020 Priority Axis I Strengthening the potential and competitiveness of the region\'s economy Measure 1.2.1 Support for knowledge transfer, innovation, technology and commercialisation of R&D results and development of R&D activity in enterprises.

The objective of the project is to increase the innovativeness and competitiveness of KAN sp. z o. o, and increasing its research and development activity through the development of research and development facilities, conducted R&D work aimed at implementation, and the implementation of R&D work results.

The planned effect is the creation and implementation of an innovative product - an energy-saving surface heating and cooling system together with an intelligent energy flow management system in buildings.

Total project value: PLN 7,360,780.55

EU co-financing: PLN 2,688,689.86

Currently KAN Sp. z o.o. is taking part in a project carried out by Polskie Stowarzyszenie Doradcze i Konsultingowe

SHOW YOURSELF – Polish construction products on the international arena, 2nd edition

No. POIR.02.03.03-20-0001/18

within the Smart Growth Operational Programme

Priority Axis II: Support for the environment and business potential for R&D&I

Measure 2.3: Pro-innovative services for enterprises

Sub-measure 2.3.3 Internationalisation of the National Key Clusters

The main objective of the project is to increase the internationalisation of 40 enterprises operating within the National Key Cluster (NKC) until 30.06.2020, which will be achieved through the realisation of an integrated, tailored to the needs of companies, comprehensive internationalisation program carried out by the Coordinator for the benefit of NKC members.

Specific objectives:

  • strengthening the knowledge and potential of companies belonging to the NKC
  • strengthening the competitiveness of the NKC\'s offer on international markets
  • strengthening cooperation between NKC companies by animating new joint projects
  • developing the NKC by attracting new companies
  • incubating joint investments, including those based on innovation.

Within the project, for the benefit of cluster members, the coordinator, will organise:

  • 7 economic missions, including to Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and Norway
  • 3 conferences devoted to new markets in accordance with the destinations of the GDP economic missions
  • seminars/training devoted to the preparation of entities participating in economic missions for foreign expansion
  • 54 international trade fair events
  • consultancy service related to internationalisation.

Destinations of expansion of cluster entities during participation in trade fair events/economic missions include:

  • 1. Europe: Germany, France, UK, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belarus, Netherlands, Lithuania, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Czech Republic;
  • 2. Asia: Russia, China, Korea, India, Singapore;
  • 3. Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden;
  • 4. Arabia: United Arab Emirates;
  • 5. Australia and Oceania: Australia;
  • 6. North America: USA, Canada, Mexico.

These internationalisation activities will be complemented by intensive marketing, including the issuing of a joint NKC promotional catalogue containing the cluster\'s full offer with material in several different languages, an online campaign and business meetings.

Cluster members will receive market reference guides issued successively prior to each mission trip specifying the socio-economic conditions of the market in question, legal provisions, tax regulations, customs for establishing business relations, political conditions.

Value of the project for all Cluster members: PLN 9,921,800.00

Value of co-financing for all Cluster members: PLN 6,701,550.00

Since 14 February 2013, KAN Sp. z o.o. has been implementing the "Increase in the KAN innovativeness through expansion of the research and development department" project under the Regional Operational Programme of the Podlaskie Voivodeship for 2007-2013, Priority Axis I Increase in innovativeness and support for entrepreneurship in the region; Measure 1.1 Creating conditions for the development of innovativeness.

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