KAN Group

KAN Group is an experienced manufacturer of modern KAN-therm installation systems, recognised in Europe and worldwide.


years on the market





A modern approach to classic solutions

About us

KAN Group, headquartered in Bialystok, is an experienced European manufacturer and supplier of KAN-therm installation systems. Since opening its business activity in 1990, KAN has built its position on strong pillars: professionalism, innovativeness, quality and development.

KAN-therm is an optimal, complete installation multisystem which comprises the most modern, complementing one another, solutions in the scope of pipe water and heating installations and also the technological ones. It is an excellent realization of the vision concerning the universal system thanks to the long-term experience and passion of the KAN constructors, rigorous control of raw materials and final products quality and at last the efficient recognition of the installation market needs consistent with the requirements of the balanced building industry.

KAN-therm - Headquarters of the Logistics and Production centre

KAN Group logistics and production centre

KAN Group is more than 15,200 m2 of production area, 31,000 m2 of warehouses and 7,800 m2 of office space in several locations.

>15200 m²

production area

>31000 m²


KAN-therm - Production

Past and Future

Nowadays, we have employed more than 1100 people. We have a branch network in Poland, subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, India, China and the CIS countries. The products with the label KAN-therm are exported to 68 countries around the world. The distribution chain covers Europe and a significant part of Asia, Africa and America.

Company philosophy

We base our present activity and future on strong foundations: experience, quality and innovative solutions. At the same time, we listen to the customer voice, constantly adapting the offer to their needs and improving the level of service. That is why we have won the confidence both of our trade partners and users of offered technical solutions and our company is perceived as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

KAN-therm - Integration

We wish to strengthen and develop the KAN‑therm brand, which has already become synonymous with reliability and universality in construction applications. In the pursuit of economic and organisational success, KAN is guided by the principles of sustainable development - friendly to people and their environment.

Quality confirmed by tests, monitored at every stage of production



of trouble-free exploitation of the installation


guarantee for SYSTEM

Our goal

is to provide the users with products, which guarantee comfort and perfect operation of the installation as well as a feeling of a complete safety. We strive for an absolutely simple design and quick assembly of our systems. For the sake of our users' health, we provide the highest quality products, manufactured and used in harmony with the natural human environment.

KAN-therm - Laboratory
KAN-therm - KAN Laboratory

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