System KAN-therm TBS




System KAN-therm TBS is a light construction, simple and easy to install. It includes:

  • Foamed polystyrene board with profiled grooves
  • Complementary insulation board
  • Metal profile
  • PE foil

TBS foamed polystyrene boards

The basis of the system is an EPS 200 insulation foamed polystyrene board with specially profiled grooves for mounting the heating pipes. Additionally, the system offers complementary insulation boards.

The supplied boards are 0.5 x 1.0m in size.

System KAN‑therm TBS makes it possible to lay pipes with a diameter of 14 and 16mm with spacing

167 – 250 – 333mm.

Laying the TBS profiled boards must take into account the planned shape of the coil. A meander shape is recommended. Complementary insulation TBS board is used in situations when basic board profile makes it impossible to lead the pipes to the manifold (pipe density). In such situations, a required profile is cut out by a TBS cutter in the complementary board.

TBS metal profile

The purpose of the profile is to increase the heat transfer surface of heating pipes.

Profiles are delivered in the form of individual elements of 1.0 x 0.12m.

The metal profile is pushed in the profiled TBS boards laid, and then the pipe is pushed in such a way that it is inside the metal profile. The metal profile has lateral notches, that make it easy to adjust its length by breaking it off every 250mm. 

The metal profile should be laid in such a way that its edge ends about 50mm before the pipes start to change direction (avoiding friction of pipes against the profile as a result of thermal elongations).

PE foil

It is intended to reduce noise from the thermal operation of the installation.

It is delivered in 2m wide and even 50m long rolls.

Supplementary elements

The complete surface installation may require the use of additional materials to ensure optimal operation:

  • Edge tape dividing the heating panel from the structural elements of the building.
  • Dilatation tape to divide large surfaces into smaller.

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