KAN-therm: DVGW: Certified quality
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DVGW: Certified quality

KAN-therm products have been manufactured for almost 30 years now. Over this period we have developed high manufacturing and product quality standards. Our products are not only strictly supervised by the advanced company laboratory, but also tested by external laboratories as well. Thanks to that SYSTEM KAN-therm Push, Press, PP Green, and Inox were awarded with DVGW quality certificate.


German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (The Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches - DVGW) is an independent and impartial industry certifier with headquarters in Bonn which has been working since 1859. It works to assure the highest level of safety and quality in provision of natural gas and potable water to the public. DVGW-certified products are trusted and recognized everywhere in and outside of Europe. In the product testing field, DVGW has testing facilities for materials, components and products related to gas and water. In addition it cooperates with more than 40 DVGW-recognized testing laboratories in the field of gas technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, material testing, plastics, drinking water and hygiene.

Therefore, we are really proud that quality of KAN-therm systems was marked with DVGW certificate. What is important, it concerns not only single elements but complete systems: SYSTEM KAN-therm Push, Press, PP Green, and Inox. The DVGW quality mark indicates that KAN-therm Systems comply with the applicable safety regulations of all EU member states and documents that they have quality characteristics which go beyond minimum safety requirements. Obtaining DVGW certificate, however, does not end the process. KAN-therm systems undergo regular, cyclical quality audits which control proven quality.

By creating the technical regulations for safety and reliability of gas and water supply, DVGW helps to shape the future of the German and European energy and water supply industry. KAN-therm is part of that.


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