KAN-therm: KAN-therm on the Indian market
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KAN-therm on the Indian market


KAN-therm provides training to Indian installers. A great competition with an even greater prize!  
Participation in a competition does not guarantee a win, but if the outcome depends on the hard work and discipline of the participants, you can expect great results. And that's exactly what happened this time! Thanks to KAN-therm (one of the sponsors of the competition), a two-person team of Indian installers got to know the company's production process inside and out, and also visited some of Poland's most beautiful landmarks.   
Driven by infrastructural development and foreign investment, India's construction sector is booming. It is estimated that by 2030 India will be the third largest construction market in the world. Investments at every level - energy, architecture and especially installation, where the latest technological achievements are put to use, require a solid base of knowledge, experience and innovative technological solutions. Access to knowledge and the ability to use it in practice is guaranteed through, among other things, training, which is a response to market demand and the need to educate employees. 

The Grand Final of the Pune Plumbing League tournament.
The event culminated in a grand final gala, during which winners were announced. The event itself was supported by eight sponsors including KAN-therm, which was able to showcase its products during the Pune Plumbing League grand final. 
"We attach great importance to the training of our installers, allowing them to learn about system installation and operation. We enable them to visit our production plant to get to know the production process, so that the knowledge they have gained is even more complete. We understand that such trips are a luxury for some, which is why we were happy to support the initiative of the Indian Association of Installers," - says the representative of KAN-therm in India, Akash Yadav.
Visiting Poland.
It really paid off to demonstrate good knowledge, as the prize in the competition was training at a sponsor's facilities as well as an unforgettable trip to one of the European countries. A few months after the announcement of the results, KAN-therm was pleased to welcome a team of Indian installers on board. Mr Sunil Dhanaji Shedge and Mr Liyakat Yusub Sayyad took part in a technical training in Poland. 



The guests explored some of the most interesting places in Białystok, and visited the capital city, where they strolled the Old Town and stopped by the offices of the KAN-therm Warsaw branch which sports a fantastic view of the PGE Narodowy national stadium. We are certain that the winners will be able to use the acquired knowledge in their daily work.

Congratulations on winning and good luck.