KAN-therm: System KAN-therm Groove
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System KAN-therm Groove

System KAN-therm Groove

Another installation system is now featured in the group of KAN-therm solutions, namely: System KAN-therm Groove. The word ‘groove’ perfectly illustrates the technique of performing joints in this solution.

Such solution for connecting pipes and couplings made out of metal makes traditional connection methods like welding or threading, a thing of the past.


The basis for the new System are bolted clamping rings (couplings), equipped with a rubber gasket and specially designed fittings. The complete offer does not include straight pipe sections. Why? This technical solution works with traditional carbon steel and galvanised carbon steel pipes, which are commonly used in the installation market.

The main features of System KAN-therm Groove are:

- resistance to very high pressure and temperature;
- very wide range of diameters (from DN25 to DN300);
- no need to work with flames or high temperature;
- no impact of external conditions on the quality of connection.

How does it work?

The basis for connecting a pipe with another pipe or a pipe with a fitting selected from our offer is a bolted coupling. Its construction features three elements: body of the coupling made of ductile cast iron, rubber gasket (e.g. EPDM or NBR, depending on the transported medium), and a set of bolts and nuts made of galvanized carbon steel. The elements to be connected must be equipped with a special groove to allow the coupling to be wedged onto it.


Seal Types

Seals for couplings are available in different material versions, e.g. EPDM, NBR. Type of used seal determines the feasibility of transporting a specific medium at maximum possible temperature — the medium has only contact with the seal, there is no possibility of contact with the cast iron housing.

Choosing the right gasket material allows you to transport not only cold and hot water, but also by far non-standard media, such as acidic solutions, chlorinated water, deionised water, sea water, grey water, diluted acids, oil-free compressed air and various other chemicals.

Both couplings and seals are available in a very wide range of nominal diameters. Standard offer includes diameters from DN25 to DN300, it is also possible to carry out investments using couplings with diameters of bigger diameters (available on request), which guarantees a very high versatility of application of System KAN-therm Groove.


System KAN-therm Groove rowkowanie

Pipe Grooving

Grooving of pipes, for connections with KAN-therm Groove couplings, may be done utilizing two methods — through rolling or machining. Grooving through rolling is dedicated for pipes with a wall thickness of no more than 9.5 mm. This method of groove preparation is possible with the use of small and mobile devices and thus it makes it more popular. It is possible to prepare pipes at the very construction site. On the other hand, pipe grooving through machining requires usage of a slightly larger equipment and therefore it is most often performed in factory or specially prepared workshops at a construction site.



System KAN-therm Groove can be applied to the construction of virtually any piping system.

Most often these will be:

- hydrant and sprinkler fire-fighting installations;
- water installations;
- heating and cooling installations requiring very large diameters;
- compressed air installations.

The system may also be used for industrial installations and pipelines in the mining industry. The great advantage is the possibility of dismantling the system and reassembling at a new location, especially when a pipeline is constructed for a limited period of time only.

For sprinkler systems, System KAN-therm Groove is fully compatible with KAN-therm Steel and Inox Sprinkler components and allows pipes and couplings to be connected in large diameters, exceeding 108 mm.

System KAN-therm Groove zastosowanie 


Application of System KAN-therm Groove elements means, first of all, significant savings of time necessary for the assembly of a complete pipeline, as well as no need to use highly qualified personnel. This is the result of a very easy and fast assembly technique, compared to traditional connection methods, such as welding or threading. For this reason, this type of connection minimises the risk of installation errors.

Flexible construction of couplings in our offer gives the possibility to compensate for thermal elongations of a pipeline and — already at the stage of installation assembly — we may prefabricate the so-called compensators, which protect a pipeline against the phenomenon of thermal expansion. Thus, we may avoid additional costs associated with the need to use expensive, finished products.

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