KAN-therm: Connecting technology
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Connecting technology

The main technology of joining pipes with fittings in KAN-therm Push Platinum system is a clamping technology using an axially pushed-on plastic ring. The connection is made by pushing the flared pipe end onto a connector and next pushing on a clamping ring onto this connection. The pipe material is pressed into the connector notches, i.e. the connection is sealed on its entire surface thus a prefect leak-tightness and a long life are guaranteed. This technology does not require any additional seals such as O-rings. There is one more advantage to it, it is not affected by human errors.


1. Cut Platinum PE-Xc/Al/PE-HD multilayer pipe of the required length with scissors. The cut should be perpendicular to the pipe axis. WARNING! - Please use exclusively sharp, not chipped blades.

2. Put a ring onto a pipe – plastic rings are symmetrical and do not require directioning. Ring diameter must be selected properly.









3. Fit a head of a proper diameter onto a battery driven or manual expander. Expand the pipe with an expanding tool in single step utilizing full stroke of the tool.
WARNING! - To expand the pipe please use exclusively Push Platinum expanding heads.

4. Slide the connector into the pipe to the last protubernace on the fitting.









5. Slide the the ring using foot-driven or battery powered hydraulic press. Fittings can be grasped only by flanges. Do not slide two rings at the same time.

6. While sliding the ring on the fitting, please observe the assembly process– when the ring is pushed closely to the firring flange plase stop the process of sliding. The connection is now ready dor pressure test.










To eliminate the phenomenon of overloading the fittings with a bending force, it is not recommended to bend the pipes in distance smaller than 10 external diameters of fittings.