KAN-therm: Pipes


KAN-therm  Push Platinum is a complete installation system consisting of multi-layer pipes PE-Xc/A l/PE-HD Platinum and plastic fittings PPSU or brass KAN-therm Push fittings, with diameter range 14-32 mm. Laser- welded aluminum layer provides a total seal against oxygen diffusion, while significantly reducing thermal expansion pipe. The outer shell of high- density polyethylene PE-HD protects the aluminum layer against mechanical damage. Due to its design, the pipes do not have shape memory and can be easily changed.

PE-Xc/Al/PE-HD Platinum pipe construction

PE-Xc/Al/PE-HD Platinum dimensions, unit weights, capacity of water pipes:


PE-Xc/Al/PE-HD Platinum pipes

Nominal diameter

External diameter Wall thickness Inner diameter Fittings dimensions Reel length Water volume
mm mm mm mm mm m l/m
14 14 2,25 9,5 14x2 200 0,071
18 18 2,5 13,0 18x2,5 200 0,133
25 25 3,7 17,6 25x3,5 50 0,243
32 32 4,7 22,6 32x4,4 25 0,401