KAN-therm: System KAN-therm Press GAS

System KAN-therm Press GAS

System Description:

KAN-therm Press GAS is a modern and complete installation system consisting an installation of polyethylene multilayer pipes PE-RT/Al/PE-RT in diameters range 16 – 25 mm and highest quality CW617N brass fittings connected together by means of radial pressing. 

All fittings are equipped with HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) O-ring seals providing pressure tight and gas resistant connections. 

Purpose of the system:

The system is intended for internal gas installations - for indoor natural gas (category D) and liquid gas (category E) fuel systems.  The Press connecting technology consists in pressing/clamping a steel ring around a pipe fitted into the connector stub pipe. The stub pipe is provided with an O-ring to ensure that a system is leak-tight and failure-free.

System Advantages:

  • the most modern system for interior gas installations.
  • full safety of installation and operation
  • fast and reliable assembly thanks to Press technology
  • full technical standards. and design support
  • high corrosion and chemical resistance
  • KIWA Gastec cerificate
  • high corrosion and chemical resistance
  • versatile assembly thanks to the possibility of utilizing U and TH profile crimping jaws
  • system certified and fully compliant with applicable standards 
  • ease of pipe laying thanks to a multilayer PE-RT/Al/PE-RT construction
  • very small (compared to uniform pipes) thermal expansion of pipes
  • complete lack of the oxygen diffusion
  • over 50-years operation durability
  • operating pressure -  3 bar
  • MOP - 5,0 bar
  • very smooth outsite surface
  • environment-friendly materials
  • lack of elastic memory of the pipe (shape memory)
  • fast and simple assembly 
  • low weight of a system
  • function of signalisation of incomplete connections (Leak Before Press)