KAN-therm: Pipes
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The KAN-therm Push System offers two kinds of PE-pipes having similar working parameters: PE-RT (type II) and PE-Xc. Characteristic for these pipes is a wide range of diameters: 12 - 32 mm.

PE-RT pipes are made of a PE-version (Dowlex 2388) of a higher temperature resistance (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance). The unique molecular structure of this material provides excellent mechanical properties and a high strength at high temperatures. Due to the material outstanding elasticity due to material properties elements of this material are easy to lay/mount even at low temperatures. An exceptional thermal and pressure stability of the material is decisive for a long life of pipe conduits.

P E-Xc pipes are manufactured of a high-density polyethylene subjected to molecular networking by an electron beam (the „c” method, physical – no chemical agents used). Such a polyethylene structure network causes the best high resistance to thermal and mechanical loads.

All PE-Xc and PE-RT pipes have a five-layer structure permanently combined during the production process. They have an anti-diffusion EVOH barrier, which protects against the diffusion of oxygen from the environment into the installation medium. Due to its placement inside the pipe structure, the EVOH layer is effectively protected against mechanical damage during its assembly on the construction site

Design of the PE-RT or PE-Xc KAN-therm pipes



Dimensions, specific weights, water volume of KAN-therm PE-RT and PE-Xc tubes:

KAN-therm PE-RT and PE-Xc tubes
DN Outside dia.
x wall thickness
Wall thickness ID  Size series Specific weights  Length of coil  Water volume 
  mm x mm mm mm   kg/m m l/m
12 12 x 2,0  2,0  8,0  2,50  0,071  200 0,050 
16 16 × 2,0  2,0  12,0  3,50  0,094  200 0,113 
*18 18 × 2,0  2,0  14,0  4,00  0,113   200 0,154 
18 18 × 2,5   2,5  13,0  3,10  0,125  200 0,133  
25 25 × 3,5   3,5  18,0  3,07  0,247   50 0,254 
32 32 × 4,4   4,4   23,2  3,14  0,390  25 0,423 

* Optional diameter - please check max. working parameters of pipe for each scope of application.