KAN-therm: KAN-therm Steel Sprinkler System

KAN-therm Steel Sprinkler System

KAN-therm Steel Sprinkler System is a complete, modern installation, consisting of pipes and connectors of stainless steel of the OD ø22 mm up to ø108 mm (DN20 – DN100).

The KAN-therm Steel Sprinkler System is designed for fire-fighting, and water sprinkler wet (always filled with water) or dry systems.

The assembly of a system bases on a fast and simple „Press“ technology, i.e. clamping of connectors on a pipe. Connections are leak-tight due to a special sealing (O-ring) of a high temperature resistant rubber and a 3-point clamping system type „M“, which guarantees many years of failure-free operation.



System advantages:

  • fast and reliable assembly of the system without using open fire,
  • resistance to high pressure – up to 16 bar,
  • low flow resistance in pipes and fittings,
  • low weight of pipes and fittings,
  • mechanical strength,
  • very good look of the system,
  • function of signalisation of not ready-clamped connections.


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