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Check new KAN-therm Catalogue!

With great pleasure we present the new catalogue of System KAN-therm — 03/2019 edition. As usual, in addition to the current assortment’s offer and price list, you will find a wide range of technical information on individual installation solutions.

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Below, in a nutshell, we outline the most important new products introduced to our offer. We hope that these changes will make it even easier and quicker to assemble KAN-therm system installations.


System KAN-therm Steel & Steel Sprinkler

System KAN-therm Steel and Steel Sprinkler made of galvanized carbon steel — has been complemented by a Press female connector.

Złączka z gwintem wewnętrznym press 22xRp1

In our Catalogue, this element is featured as:
22xRp1 Press connector with female thread
— catalogue code: 6302715 (1509044007)

This connector allows to establish a threaded connection, thanks to which a number of additional elements may be connected to the installation, e.g.: valves, control and measurement devices, etc.


System KAN-therm Surface Heating

Czujnik temperatury

The offer of System KAN-therm Surface heating has been supplemented with additional elements of System KAN-therm BASIC+ automatic control system.

This time, the system has been equipped with additional temperature sensors, with the so-called "hidden" setting. They enable control and proper operation of the heating or heating and cooling system, without the possibility of unauthorized persons tampering with temperature setting. Such sensors are very popular in public utility investments, schools, kindergartens, hospitals or hotels.

The offer includes several variants of these sensors, depending on the requirements and specificity of an installation:

Temperature sensor with set point: heating, 230 V — catalogue code: 1802265131

Temperature sensor with set point: heating, 24 V — catalogue code: 1802265132

Temperature sensor with set point: heating/cooling, 230 V — catalogue code: 1802265133

Temperature sensor with set point: heating/cooling, 24 V — catalogue code: 1802265134


System KAN-therm Push / Push Platinum

Our offer features a very peculiar, but practical "adapter", allowing for direct connection of two systems, Push/Push Platinum with Steel & Inox, using flush mounted connections and a sliding sleeve (Push) technique. 

In our Catalogue, the element is featured as: "Push / Steel & Inox transition connector” and is available in three different diameter variants:

Transition connector Push 18x2 / Steel & Inox 22
– catalogue code: 1109042039
Transition connector Push 25x3,5 / Steel & Inox 28
– catalogue code:  1109042040
Transition connector Push 32x4,4 / Steel & Inox 35
– catalogue code: 1109042041

Łącznik przejściowy

In addition, the KAN-therm Push and Push Platinum system offer has been supplemented by a whole range of additional brass couplings:

Brass tee Push 18x2,5/18x2,5/18x2,5
– catalogue code: 1109257070
Brass tee Push 25x3,5/18x2,5/25x3,5
– catalogue code: 1109257071
Brass tee Push 25x3,5/25x3,5/18x2,5
– catalogue code:1109257072
Brass tee Push 25x3,5/18x2,5/18x2,5
– catalogue code: 1109257073
Trójnik mosiążny

Brass Push elbow 18x2,5 – catalogue code: 1109068039

Brass Push elbow 25x3,5 – catalogue code: 1109068040


Kolanko mosiężne

Brass Push connector 25x3,5/18x2,5 – catalogue code: 1109042042

Łącznik mosiężny

System KAN-therm PP

This plastic installation system has been equipped with a new practical element — a female half-union stub connection.

In the catalogue, the element is featured as: "Female half-union"
Półśrubunek mufowy
and is available in three different configurations:
20x1/2" female half-union
— catalogue code: 1209271006
20x3/4” female half-union
– catalogue code: 1209271007
25x3/4” female half-union
– catalogue code: 1209271008

This fitting enables creation of a removable union connection. This is a very important advantage, making it possible to establish dismountable connections. Undeniable popularity of this element’s application is the possibility of simple connection of polypropylene installation directly to a radiator or a radiator valve. The construction of the coupling features its own O-ring, so that no additional sealing elements are required to establish the connection. This advantage provides you with even more convenience and safety at work.


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