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KAN-therm System is a complete installation multi-system to construct domestic water supply systems, heating systems and process systems. It consists of technical solutions, which complement each other, however, differ in the pipe and fitting material and in the technology of joints.

KAN-therm pipe water systems (of plastic and metal) are used for water and heating systems in residential buildings, public buildings and industrial buildings for new projects and renovated buildings. High quality of KAN-therm system materials guarantees many years of a failure-free operation.

The KAN-therm System consists of:

  • pipes of different types of high quality polyethylene, polypropylene and steel,
  • full ranges of system connectors for a reliable and fast connecting,
  • rich set of auxiliary elements (distributors, installation boxes, armature),
  • strong, long-life and safe tools.

Depending on the type, size and specifics of the System KAN-therm offers the following solutions from which you can select:


Heating and cooling Systems and tap water Systems


Underfloor heating and cooling Systems


Wall heating and cooling Systems


External surfaces heating and cooling Systems


Firefighting Systems


Technological and industrial Systems

In order to choose the appropriate installation system please check possible use of the KAN-therm system in installations.

KAN-therm systems can be used to lay and assemble the following systems:

Heating and cooling installations

Cold and hot tap water systems

Underfloor heating and cooling systems

Wall heating and cooling systems

External surfaces heating and cooling systems

Firefighting sprinkler system

Technological and industrial systems