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    A kind of a dream-team on the front line of contact with customers! Check it out!

    Iza | Ewa | Monika

    We work together and complement each other really well. Calm and composure versus energy and emotion.

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    We are different but we have this place and people in common.

    Tomek | Daniel | Renata

    Working for KAN means working at a full capacity but we like challenges. Would you like to join us?

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    Join us!

    We feel confident working for a company we can be identified with.

    Pawel | Sebastian | Magda

    It is important that the product you sell is good. Our is great!

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We know that the constant development of KAN Group is the result of our team work. That is why we support and implement innovative ideas of our employees. Working at KAN, you have a real impact on improving the work and functioning of the organisation. 

One team - plenty of experience

Working at KAN, you have a real impact on improving the work and functioning of the organisation. Last year, as part of the KAN Idea program, we implemented numerous innovations proposed by our employees.

Job offers


Laboratory Engineer

There is always something going on here.

I joined the KAN laboratory in 2018, as a lab assistant responsible for analysing raw materials, half-products and finished goods. This position is a responsible and rewarding occupation requiring the expansion of knowledge, development and acquisition of new skills. Due to the scope and scale of the R&D department's work, there is always something interesting going on in the laboratory.


Trade Coordinator

Evaluation, finding your place - that\'s what this company enables you to do. And you can see it best on my example :)

I started working at KAN in 2010 at the position of production clerk. In 2015, I was promoted to the position of analyst and I am in charge of trade development in eastern markets as of 2019. Today I know that working as Trade Coordinator is what I want to do. I continuously develop and learn new things in this job. KAN supports me financing my Russian language learning which is necessary in my work. I also use the funding for my postgraduate studies - another of the opportunities this company gives me.


Director of the Process Engineering Department

I have a real impact on the projects I manage.

It has been already over 15 years since I am at KAN. I still remember clearly my beginnings in the company as a process engineer and the enormous amount of learning that was waiting for me. Even though I already had technical and managerial experience when I joined the KAN team, it was only here that I realised the importance of independence and creativity. The company\'s constant development allows process engineers to work on implementing modern and innovative solutions. In other companies, I had no say in the decisions and directions taken. At KAN, employees\' ideas are implemented and appreciated.


HR Specialist

This trip is definitely all-inclusive.

I have started my work at KAN as organisational specialist. I worked with contractors from all over the world, planned their stay, welcomed them and showed them around the company. Thanks to these contacts I became more open and self-confident. And I definitely improved my language skills. When studying tourism, I did not think that my experience in this industry and a tour guide licence will lead me to a production company. My job has given me the opportunity to learn everything about the company and develop professionally. I also have a little bonus from piloting production tours - now the construction of a multilayer pipe has no secrets for me. Currently, I work in the HR division and often use the knowledge I gained in my previous position.


Warehouse Manager

I was looking for my place for a long time.

One day, 13 years ago, a friend called me and asked if I want to work with him at KAN as a warehouse keeper. He said that the company is big and operates internationally and the work will have development perspectives. That was when I joined a team of amazing people, not even knowing how to operate a forklift. Today the company is much bigger and I am not a warehouse keeper any more but I manage a whole warehouse group. I have worked for this for many years, sharing my ideas and commitment. At KAN, I have learned how to operate warehouse equipment, manage a team, design new warehouse spaces and improve warehouse management. The funding for my logistics studies received from the company and my previous experience, allowed me to obtain an engineering degree in logistics.

MiloszLaboratory Engineer
SylwiaTrade Coordinator
MariuszDirector of the Process Engineering Department
KamilaHR Specialist
TomaszWarehouse Manager

What else can I achieve?

Employees are very important to us, so we take care of them at work and outside of it. The members of our team and their families can use numerous activities and non-payroll benefits.

  • Multisport card partial financing
  • Higher education subsidy
  • Private medical care - Medicover
  • Group life insurance
  • Health promotion actions
  • Special events for children
  • Language learning financing
  • Supporting private passions
  • Jubilee awards
  • Christmas shopping vouchers
  • Gifts for employees' children
  • Cinema vouchers

Recruitment process at KAN:

4 simple steps

Our HR team takes care of the highest standards of the recruitment process. When applying to us, you can always expect a response.

Step 1

Thorough document analysis

Our HR department checks each CV carefully, analysing whether the candidate's profile fits the expectations of the position. If your experience is suitable - we will call you.

Step 2

Job interview

This is the most important stage that lets us learn more about you. You may be invited to several interviews or we may ask you to take a competency test.

Step 3


Regardless of the decision, you can expect a feedback from us. If we decide that it is you who we want to work with, we will call you and make an offer.

    Step 4

    Welcome at KAN

    From the very first day you will be included in the Adaptation Program (office) and the Mentoring Program (production). A dedicated mentor will introduce you to the company, tell you about policies and working standards, introduce you to employees and colleagues.

    KAN is not only a place of employment!

    We promote health and safety

    For many years, we have been executing a program "At KAN we take care of health together". As part of the program, our employees have already had the opportunity to obtain a 'blood card', take hepatitis B virus and cancer marker tests.

    We systematically do training and development courses to improve our knowledge of safety at work.
    We organise training in first aid and working at heights, a fire safety and driving improvement course for our mobile employees.

    We act locally

    We support local community. We engage in such actions as: #gastropomaga, #gaszynchallenge, we also supported medics providing them with specialist protective aprons and visors. We help children by cooperating with "Się Pomaga" and "Bajkowa Fabryka Nadziei" foundations. 

    Computers and monitors that our employees did not need are now used by kids from Podlaskie Region in their online learning.

    We support people with passion!

    We cyclically fund participation in bike rallies, Runmageddon, but also in piano competitions. We have helped our employees to fulfil such sport dreams as a winter bicycle rally around Lake Baikal or an expedition to Mont Blanc.

    Practice and internship

    During an internship at KAN, you can confront the theoretical knowledge from your studies with practice and gain valuable work experience.

    Students from various universities are invited to join the internship programme, particularly from faculties such as Sanitary Engineering, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Logistics, Computer Science, Economics and others. 

    We operate internationally and that is why we value knowledge of foreign languages - English, German or Russian - in trainees and employees. Quick learning and creativity are also important to us. These skills are useful during an internship at KAN and significantly increase the chances of future employment.

    At KAN, we organise internships from July to September and accept applications from April. Would you like to do an internship with us? Write to us: [email protected]

    Students' opinions and comments:


    3rd year student at Bialystok University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering - internship in the Construction Department

    "I decided to do an internship at KAN because of the positive feedback from former interns, my friends. What surprised me was the very easy and friendly contact with the people in charge of organising the internship at the company. Good organisation, the student can indicate the date of the internship themselves, mentors with knowledge and experience relevant to the field of study. I did my internship in the technology and construction department. I have improved my skills related to the creation of technical documentation. I definitely recommend the company!"



    3rd year student at Bialystok University of Technology, Faculty of Green Power Engineering, Machinery and Equipment - internship in the Maintenance Department

    "I chose KAN because I wanted to learn about working in a large organisation. Heating systems is the area I am studying, so when analysing Bialystok companies for internships, KAN was the perfect fit. A positive opinion from a colleague who was there for an internship the year before finally convinced me. The internship gave me the opportunity to confront the knowledge I gained during my studies with the engineering tasks set before me. The internship program was conducted in individual stages, appropriately spaced out, which enabled me to broaden my knowledge of mechanics and machine operation as well as maintenance and traffic management tasks. The opportunity for development, the experienced mentor and the experience I gained will definitely be useful for my future career. I encourage you to do your internship at KAN"



    3rd year student at Bialystok University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Production Engineering - internship at the Production Support Office

    "I chose KAN because I had heard it had high position in the market and I wanted to develop my interests and skills in the best possible company available to me. The internship let me learn about production dependencies in a large company and follow the whole production process. The program was professionally prepared, every day I learned something new and developed new skills. The mentor shared his knowledge with me in a very interesting way. Senior colleagues recommended the internship at KAN to me, and now I recommend it to others. "



    3rd year student at Bialystok University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering - internship in the Technology Department

    "I found out about the internships during the internship and apprenticeship fair organised by Bialystok University of Technology. I chose KAN because I wanted to see what it is like to work for a large and modern company with an extensive machine park. The internship let me learn more about the work and tasks faced by technologists. I think very highly of the internship program, it was tailored to my skills. Positive atmosphere and a young close-knit team are also among the plus points. The tasks entrusted to me were explained in detail by the mentor. I believe that the experience I gained during my internship will help me to develop my future career in the right way and that the skills I have acquired will enable me to find an interesting job. I am really happy with it!"


    KAN Patronage Class

    We will teach you a trade! Join the first Plastics Processing class in the North East of Poland. KAN Patronage Class was launched in September 2019 at the Vocational School Complex No. 2 in Bialystok.

    Are you interested in new technologies? Would you like to learn the most in-demand profession in our region? You're in the right place! As a PTS Operator, you'll find a job right out of school. We are waiting for the first graduates!

    The nearest vocational school that trains in this profile is in Sosnowiec in the Silesian Voivodeship. The project between KAN and the school can therefore be seen as a pioneering one in our region. The patronage class is a part of the EU project "Smart Specialisation". The project is supervised by the Bialystok City Council.

    Are you interested in working with us?

    Send us your CV following the "apply" link.

    Please read our Privacy Policy, which includes your rights in relation to data sharing.

    Please insert the following clause: I consent to the processing of my personal data contained in my application for the purposes of the recruitment process conducted by Group KAN.


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