Everything you need to know about new products in KAN-therm Catalogue 2023!

Everything you need to know about new products in KAN-therm Catalogue 2023!

Constant innovation is the key to success in the world of heating and installation technologies. In response to market needs and expectations, we offer a number of improvements and novelties in the new KAN-therm Catalogue 2023.

Check out the products and changes that are made to improve the quality of work for installers as well as the user experience.

KAN-therm surface heating and cooling

The new KAN-therm bluePERTAL pipe, welded clips for tacker assembly and an aluminium tacker with KAN-therm logo are just some novelties that have been added into our underfloor heating offer.

KAN-therm bluePERT  is a well-known and appreciated pipe, which is now also available with a layer of ALUMINIUM and comes under the name bluePERTAL.

The aluminium layer included in the pipe construction has a significant effect on its properties. It reduces thermal elongation, which is particularly beneficial for installation systems in so-called 'dry construction'.

But not only that! The aluminium layer also allows almost any profiling of the pipe shape.

It is a clever combination of functionality and innovation.

KAN-therm bluePERTAL pipe:

  • diameter: 16x2.0
  • coil length: 200 m and 600 m

Welded clips for tacker assembly:

  • U42 and U55 sizes can be used with aluminium and plastic tackers
  • blocks of 25 clips
  • in a carton pack of 300 pcs.

KAN-therm aluminium tacker design has undergone several improvements:

  • The design of the tool support leg has been improved so that the tacker can stand steadily during breaks.
  • The new labelling makes it easier to identify the original unit, the position of the wooden handle has been changed by 180o  to make work even more comfortable,
  • The bending of the clip guide has been improved to minimise the risk of jamming,
  • Both U42 and U55 clips can be used (welded and on tape).

More choice in ultraLINE and ultraPRESS systems

KAN-therm ultraLINE and ultraPRESS systems are supplemented with new variants of insulated pipes.

PERT ² and PERTAL ² pipes are now available in red and blue insulation with 6 mm thickness.

  • PERTAL² pipe with insulation is supplied in 50 m coils with diameters 14x2.0 ÷ 32x3.0 mm,
  • PERT² pipe with insulation is supplied in 50 m coils with diameters 14x2.0 ÷ 20×2.8

What's more, ultraPRESS pipe is now available in 100 metre coils with a diameter of 16x2.0 mm!

KAN-therm PP system has gained improved hydraulic parameters and new fittings!

KAN-therm PPRCT PN20 pipes now have almost 20% larger internal diameter compared to PPR PN20 pipes.

In practice, this means improved hydraulic parameters of the system. Increased flow and reduced pressure loss. In addition, we also offer new KAN-therm PP fittings which will certainly improve the installation.

KAN-therm PP fittings have also been enhanced with new diameters.

KAN-therm plastic manifold

  • The manifold group is available in two connection nipple sizes and fifteen configurations in terms of the circuit number [!]
  • Plastic manifold 1 ½" × ¾" in the range of 2 ÷ 16 circuits
  • Plastic manifold 1 ½" x 1" in the range of 2 ÷ 16 circuits

KAN-therm tools

  • KAN-therm ultraLINE and KAN-therm Mini tools are now available with a 2.5Ah battery.

The 2.5Ah battery offers 27Wh, meaning 70% greater efficiency and longer runtime.

KAN-therm "M" profile press jaws in sizes:

  • 42 mm
  • 54 mm

KAN-therm "M" profile press jaws should be used with the ZBS1 KAN-therm adapter for press tools: KAN-therm AC ECO, AC 3000, DC 4000. ZBS1 adapter for press jaws with KAN-therm "M" profile.

Changes to units and nomenclature

We have changed the measurement units for some of our products to make your purchase process easier. Now they are sold by metre or square metre under the new catalogue codes. The old versions will be available "until stocks are exhausted".

We are continuing to change the nomenclature of our pipes to make our product range more consistent. The new prints on KAN-therm PP system pipes will provide you with more information on welding parameters and the need for additional tools.


New pipe name

New print


Surface heating


KAN-therm bluePERT

PE-RT (type 1)

Surface heating


KAN-therm bluePERTAL

PE-RT (type 1) with aluminium layer

KAN-therm PP


KAN-therm PP PPR


KAN-therm PP


KAN-therm PP stabiGLASS PPR

PP-R with glass fibre layer

KAN-therm PP

stabiAL PPR

KAN-therm PP stabiAL PPR

PP-R with aluminium layer

KAN-therm PP




We are sure that the novelties in KAN-therm Catalogue 2023 will further improve your work and allow you to benefit from the advantages of KAN-therm systems.

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