KAN-therm utraPRESS - Versatile use combined with ecology

KAN-therm utraPRESS - Versatile use combined with ecology

KAN-therm ultraPRESS system is designed for internal water supply systems (hot and cold domestic water), central heating or cooling systems, process heat and industrial installations (e.g. compressed air). The system components can be successfully used for single- and multi-family housing, public buildings (schools, hotels, sports facilities). The best testimony to the highest quality is provided by numerous implementations in various construction sectors in the KAN portfolio.

ultraPRESS is eco!

Only a product that is safe for health and the environment may be authorised and used in any type of installation. This is exactly what KAN-therm ultraPRESS is. The materials from which the system components are manufactured show to be physiologically and microbiologically neutral in drinking water installations, the materials are friendly top the environment and human health. This is confirmed by the PZH approval.

50 years guaranteed service life

Before KAN-therm ultraPRESS system is launched on the market, all system components are tested in KAN's highly specialised testing laboratory for the 50-year service life of the installation. KAN puts a product on the market that is reliable and has a long service life.

Assembly is speed, comfort and safety

Tight and secure connections in KAN-therm ultraPRESS system are achieved by crimping a steel ring onto the pipe and fitting. Easy-to-use and versatile tools are used to make the connections. The connections do not require additional seals such as tape or oakum. KAN-therm ultraPRESS system has been designed on the basis of the "quick installation and long- lasting effect" principle, which allows for a measurable acceleration of investment and finishing works.

KAN-therm ultraPRESS is the stability of internal installations, providing efficiency and versatility in different areas of construction. The system not only meets all the technical and operational requirements, but also takes care of our health and the environment, as confirmed by the relevant approvals. KAN is pointing the way towards innovative and sustainable solutions, by investing in the ultraPRESS system, you are choosing quality, reliability and an environmentally friendly approach to installation technology. The system has gained recognition not only among industry professionals, but also among those who value comfort, fast assembly and security in their homes and commercial properties.

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