SMART solutions for cost effectiveness - a few words about automation and underfloor heating

SMART solutions for cost effectiveness  - a few words about automation and underfloor heating

It is no secret that every heating season brings out hot emotions - especially for private house owners. But this year emotions alone would make many houses warm, if they could... Information about rising energy costs, not always good wall insulation and the spectre of a cold winter does not inspire optimism. Are we doomed only to have warm blankets, turn on the cooker and wait for the gas or electricity bills to be calculated in spring? Nothing of the kind. Underfloor heating comes to the rescue!

Heat from the floor to... the roof!

Floor heating is currently one of the most efficient and cost-effective heating solutions - in terms of both economy, aesthetics and health. It guarantees an excellent thermal regime in rooms (ensures the most favourable temperature distribution for the human body), does not affect the interior design of dreams and if you add the SMART variant to it, it will protect the optimum temperature in the environment round the clock, which allows you to forget about power losses and, therefore, high heating costs.

Be eco-friendly and smart

So that you do not have to worry about your household budget this winter and every winter thereafter, we provide you with two systems of heating control - KAN-therm SMART and Basic+, which ensure optimal operation of the heat source, while guaranteeing full energy efficiency.

Both solutions, available in 230V and 24V versions, are characterised by low power consumption of the actuators of 1W. Being a SMART solution, the device "learns" how to manage the thermal conditions optimally in the premises. Thanks to that up to 20% thermal energy savings may be obtained adding to this the possibility to control the device with a user-friendly and functional app.

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