SMART solutions to save money or a few words about automation and underfloor heating

SMART solutions to save money or a few words about automation and underfloor heating

It is no secret that every heating season stirs up heated emotions, particularly for owners of detached houses. At the moment, emotions alone would heat many a building if they could... Information about skyrocketing energy prices, walls that are not always well insulated and the expected cold winter to come do not inspire optimism. Is warm blankets, a hot cooker and waiting for the spring gas or electricity bill the only thing we are left with? Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is better to be SMART and rely on intelligent underfloor heating solutions with the KAN-therm SMART control system.

Heat from the floor to the...roof!

Underfloor heating is currently one of the most efficient and cost-effective heating solutions, both economically, aesthetically and in terms of health benefits. It guarantees excellent thermal conditions indoors (by ensuring the most favourable temperature distribution for the human body) and does not affect the dream interior design. And if you add an automatic control system that controls the optimum temperature around the clock, you can forget about energy wastage and high heating costs.


To stop worrying about the household budget every winter, we are giving you two control systems for heating systems: KAN-therm SMART and Basic+, which take care of optimal operation of the heat source with energy efficiency in mind.

Both solutions, available in 230 VAC and 24 V variants offer low power consumption of the 1 W actuators. Being a SMART solution, the unit 'learns' how to manage the thermal conditions in the rooms in the most optimal way. As a result, up to 20% heat energy can be saved. And all this with a convenient and functional app to control the heating.

This is the kind of winter we like.

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