KAN-therm: ACO203XL a new tool for assembly!!!
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ACO203XL a new tool for assembly!!!

KAN-therm company constantly caring about the quality of their products, has a pleasure to inform you about introduction of a new tool for assembly of KAN-therm Steel System, KAN-therm Inox System  and KAN-therm Pres LBP System: Novopress Press Tool ACO203XL.
In comparison to its predecessor, handling is easier due to considerable lower weight – only 3.9 kg.
The XL-pressing tool of the new generation 203 makes faster pressings possible and achieves 40 % more pressing cycles per battery charge* due to its higher efficiency. Back stroke limitation - fast pressing with compatible jaws by an adaptable piston stroke. Less need for maintenance due to new motor technology.
Thanks to the new, implemented wireless technology on ACO203, device-related data can be requested via the NovoCheck app.
NovoCheck application connects this tool with a smartphone or a tablet, making it possible to monitor on a regular basis the status of the tool and the connections made, i.e.:
device working time,
remaining battery charge,
tool temperature,
press cycle counter,
analysis of the correctness of connections made,
recording the individual events in the device log.