KAN-therm: Technical training with KAN
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Technical training with KAN

We invite you to a webinar releted to the functionality of the KAN SET program. This is an extremely useful program enabling effective design of water installations, central heating systems and central cooling.

The latest version of the KAN SET 7.2 program has just been released and we would like to present you how to design efficiently and quickly in this program. During the webinar we will show you the most important functions of the program and show you how to best way to use them to design your installation. 

First online training will take place on Tuesday, June 30th 2020  - at 10:00 a.m. (Central European Time)

The webinar is free. Online registration applies


        Agenda: Date    Time   

KAN SET 7.2 - New functionalities

 30.06.2020    10.00   Apply now

KAN SET 7.2 and KAN OZC 7.0 - Using programs you already design in BIM - data exchange options and cooperation with REVIT and KAN-therm InoxFlow Manifolds

         KAN SET 7.2 CH module - calculation parameters and their impact on the obtained results, possibilities of creating technical documentation and KAN-therm Slim and Slim + Cabinets
        KAN SET 7.2 - Design of underfloor heating installations and SYSTEM KAN-therm Copper       

KAN SET 7.2 – H2O module - water installations design  and KAN- therm Garden Tap 

         KAN SET 7.2 - CC module - water cooling installations  and New! KAN-therm System UltraLine       
        KAN OZC 7.0 - Modeling the building shape for thermal calculations.
        KAN OZC 7.0 - Creating building energy performance certificates - calculation modeling possibilities.      


        KAN SET 7.2 - Program secrets - Techniques to facilitate and accelerate work.       Soon