KAN-therm: Be SMART with KAN-therm System

Be SMART with KAN-therm System

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When installing the heating system, you wonder how to avoid high bills. After a decision to choose the control automation, you count on functionality of the solutions and comfort of use. Thanks to the KAN-therm SMART System savings, ease of operation and comfort of use of the selected heating system are granted in one package.   
Intelligent KAN-therm SMART control automation guarantees intuitive and simple operation, so that setting the selected temperature in any room is as easy as making coffee in the machine. You can select by yourself which rooms should be heated and no matter where you are - at home or away - KAN-therm SMART System will ensure that you do not pay high bills for heating, reducing its costs up to 30%.   
Heating zones  
We like it when the bathroom is warmer than other rooms. In the kitchen - because of cooking - the temperature may be slightly lower and due to the related additional heat profits we will need much less energy than specified. Every other room in the house also has its own requirements for temperature settings. KAN-therm SMART System ensures that the temperature in each heating zone is aligned with the purpose of the room and preferences of the household members. The quantity of necessary heat energy will be adapted not only to the number of people present inside the room, but also to the operating household equipment.  
“The house, where the division into independently controlled heating zones was applied, this is a great convenience for the users and also means significant savings” - explains Mr. Mariusz Choroszucha, Head of Department of technical support. “SMART automation will not only prevent overheating the premises or their excessive cooling, e.g. in the case of short absence, as well as during extended periods of holidays. The heat comfort settings can be applied, referring not only to the selected points in the building, but and taking into consideration the time of day or the designated hour.” 
smart automation
Remote control
Precise heating control from a distance using the Internet and a simple, intuitive app is a great advantage for the users of intelligent heating systems. From almost anywhere in the world they can monitor the temperature in their houses and adapt it to current needs of household members. 
“Heating control by radio or online will be appreciated by the owners of large houses, in which case the traditional heating without proper control can generate significant costs. Intelligent heating automation will help to avoid them” - adds Mr. Choroszucha.   
Easy installation, faultless operation and a comfortable operation and precision of setting the temperature of the selected areas will translate into a reduction in the heating costs. Additionally the KAN-therm SMART System enables switching operation modes from heating to cooling and controlling the heating device (e.g. a heat pump). The set of additional control functions of the KAN-therm System ensures that its operation will always be effective and energy efficient, but also user and environment friendly. 
No hesitation, no worries
Lack of the possibilty to remotely control the heating system operation can be an obstacle for many users. Many of them, paying attention to the comfort and safety of the youngest or oldest household members, are forced to take cumbersome actions, for example to return from work early to change the temperature or switch on the heat source (start heating). KAN-therm SMART System will do it for you. The System operation is facilitated by the KAN SMART Control app installed on your smartphone or tablet. With it you can always preview the system operation and modify the settings - which is useful in the case of later or earlier return home or a trip. With one click you can change the temperature settings, so that your rooms were not unnecessarily heated (when you are away) or so that they were warm just before your return. Find out, how simple it is.